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• 2/6/2013

The nerfs to Raelynn

What's everyone thoughts on the recent nerfs?

I just got on the other day to find my favorite naut had her damage output decreased by half, starts at a lower value, and takes more solar to upgrade. I can understand what they were doing with her 1st gun upgrade, raising its cap and lowering the price to make it similar to the receding ponytail, but in an incremental form, but at the same time they reduced her bas damage so that the first upgrade of 3 simply turns her into her old self. Then you have the increased price on the joe doll. This really hurts, especially since she her damage was already nerfed, making substantially harder to use the blaster effectively. Finally my biggest qualm: The HC-Bomb. I don't know if its previous functionality of doubling your damage for a period after the rift, but the new method of upgrading a SINGLE shot... its just worthless. It used to be the core of Raelynn's blaster damage by trading rift potential for damage output. Now it has come to the point where Raelynn, for my money at least, is no longer the sniping DPS machine that she was, and now can only rely on her snipe to deal good damage. Her blaster has, overnight, become one of the most mediocre in the game, on par with Lonestar's.

I would like to know what you guys think about this, for me at least... RIP Raelynn.

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• 2/10/2013

Unfortunately I never got to play her like that but she sounded awesome like you'd expect of a sniper. Any way those sounded like some serious nerfs.

• 2/18/2013

the hc bomb was never meant to be for multiple shots, why would the devs make a character that could do 26 damage a shot at a high fire rate?

• 3/28/2013

'20+ damage... High fire rate....' Welcome to Genji, have fun. Except that he has either tacks on 10 damage per shot, or makes a cloud of 16~ DPS.

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