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• 3/8/2013

Do levels grant stat bonuses?

I'm pretty new to Awesomenauts and i'm not sure whether i understand the levelsystem correctly.

If an Awesomenaut collects 100 Solar, he goes up one level. Does he get stronger with this? Or is it just an indicator for other players how well he is farming? In other words, is a level 1 Awesomenaut weaker than a level 10 Awesomenaut if none of them spends their Solar into skills and items?

Hope someone can help me out and clear this up for me. Thanks.

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• 3/8/2013

The level is only an indicator. It just shows your team and your enemy, how many solars have you collected so far, so they can calculate, how many upgrades have you bought. Therefore, if a level 1 awesomenaut fights with a level 10 awesomenaut (and they both play with the same class, and they haven't bought anything), they're totally equal.

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