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• 4/12/2013

New Awesomenaut Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone on the Awesomenauts Wiki, this is my first post!!!!!!! Anyway, I was thinking about a new Awesomenaut called Fishy DaFishy. Yes. I couldn't think of a better name XD. He would roll around in a fish bowl and shoot fish, and his other attacks are Damage Over Time Water which drowns the enemy slowly (enemy might live) and Fish Food Boom which shoots exploding fish food. You unlock Fishy at level 23.

Does anyone have any other ideas for new Awesomenauts? Or just some feedback? Tell me please!!!!!!! (Or Fishy DaFishy will kill you >:D MUAHAHAHAHA) Bye Fishies!

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• 4/12/2013
But this game already has a fish. Why can't it be something that isn't already in the game.
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