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• 5/6/2013


I have been playing this game on the 360 for nearly a year now with my friends, never questioning the lack of updates, it became a joke of sorts ("Oh yeah, they're gonna release a Master Chief character to celebrate Halo 4, lol"). Out of curiosity today, I got online to see whatever had happened to "that company with the monkey logo". Here, I see that not only are they still active, but they are releasing all kinds of new characters, and maps, and updates. You already got my money Ronimo, so I won't be one of those people who says "<derp derp> you won't get my business again <rage face>; you've already shown you don't care about money from the console crowd. I just wanted to say that I am really disappointed by this apparent lack of regard for those of us who have been your fans the longest.

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• 5/6/2013

Here's Ronimo's response to this issue:

It's from a member of the company, I hope it clears things out for you.

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