Awesomenauts вики

Swiggins Attack
Anchor Swing / Ink Spray
Admiral Swiggins carries his trustworthy anchor Hornboldt anywhere. Quite handy for smacking people on the head with! Especially when they fail to pay a highborn squid admiral his properly earned respect!
Anchor Damage 11
Anchor Attack Speed 95.2
Anchor Range 3.2
Ink Damage 7
Ink Attack Speed 130.4
Ink Range 7.2

Swiggins Skill1
Item 5 solar 135
Anchor Hook
Swiggins hurls Hornboldt forward, and grapples towards whatever he hits. If you thought getting hit by an anchor is bad, wait for the iron-clad squid that's coming after it!
Damage 25
Flying Damage 10
Cooldown 7 сек
Range 11

Swiggins Skill2
Item 5 solar 135
Drop Anchor
Swiggins throws Hornboldt in an arch. If it hits an enemy Awesomenaut, it will be chained to hornboldt for a couple of seconds. The anchor can be destroyed. Now that's anchor management!
Damage 10
Cooldown 11 сек
Duration 4 сек
Homboldt Health 30

Swiggins Jump
Ink Propulsion
Who said tentacles are only good for swimming in a weird manner? The admiral has no issues whatsoever with manouvering ground based obstacles. Swiggins can also perform a hovering technique by propelling himself upward with ink squirts. Quite splendid.