Awesomenauts вики

Ayla Attack
Chain Whack
What can you do when you have the reach of an eight year old, but still want to pummel everything in sight? You swing a four foot stainless steel chain with a giant padlock on the end! Whenever she grows bored of hitting the sweet bejezus out of passersby, it doubles as a nifty skipping rope!
Damage 8
Attack Speed 150
Range 2.5

Ayla Skill1
Evil Eye
Unleashing her third eye, Ayla shoots a bolt of pure Psychokinetic energy at her opponents. The more she's hurt, the more her anger fuels the damage dealt by this bolt of glowing all-seeing pain! It also made her quite unbeatable at Hide 'n Seek.
Health stages <100% | <75% | <50% | <25%
Damage 30
Extra Damage per Stage +10
Slowing Power 10%
Extra Slowing per Stage +10%
Slow Duration 2.5 сек
Range 9.2
Cooldown 7.5 сек

Ayla Skill2
Whoever said bottling up anger is bad for you has never met Ayla! Harnessing all her pent-up aggression, she quite literally flies into a boiling rage! Floating through enemies, she feeds on their misery while they suffer in her presence! But more importantly, it looks so pretty!
Damage 6
Attack Speed 240
Damage to Self 6.7 Хп / сек
Size 7
Lifesteal 33.3%

Ayla Jump
Hop Skip
Ayla's favored mode of transportation is the ancient art of hop skipping. Constantly using this natural force of propulsion, her resulting muscles allow her stubby little legs to propel her into the great (depending on the current planet) blue yonder!