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Reflection is when you bounce incoming enemy fire back at them. Deflection just stops the attack. At the moment, the only Awesomenauts capable of Reflecting are: Froggy G

The only Awesomenauts capable of Deflection are: Skolldir

Reflection/Deflection Rules - Specifics

1. If a lump damage attack is fired as a projectile, it is reflectable/deflectable.

Definitions -

Lump Damage: Meaning all at once, not over time.

Fired: A projectile that is launched in many directions, and not lain/dropped.

Projectile: An object separate from a character or creep or Terrain that travels in a variable direction for a finite amount of time. Common Complaints -

1. Skolldir's punch. Since it is melee, despite the large hitbox, it cannot be reflected nor deflected.

2. Gnaw's Spit. Gnaw's spit is not primarily a Lump Damage attack, and cannot be reflected/deflected.

3. Yuri's Laser. Effectively a DoT, not a Lump Damage attack. Not reflectable/deflectable