Awesomenauts вики
Пенни Фокс
Penny Fox
PennyFox Character
Здоровье: 1250 (2200)
Скорость передвижения: 8,8
Тип атаки: Ближняя / Дальня дистанция
Сложность: Высокая
Роль: Выслеживание, Истязание, Натиск
Требуется: «Старшторм»
Мобильность: Высокая
Создатель: Assassin
Дата появления: 10 апреля, 2014
PennyFox Skill1 Рывок
Item 5 solar 135
Урон 100
Урон за заряд +50
Время отката 7 сек.
Длит. оглушения 0,4 сек.
PennyFox Skill2 Энергоимпульс
Item 5 solar 135
Урон за заряд 100
Время отката 7 сек.
Увеличение урона 10%
PennyFox Attack Когти
Урон 90
Скорость атаки 109,1
Дальность 3,2
PennyFox Jump Прыжок
Высота 2,6


У почетного Звездного Скаута Пенни Фокс есть цель: избавить всю галактику от зла. В погоне за возвышенными идеями она посетила немало планет, собирая для своей частной коллекции странных пришельцев.

Во время путешествия в звездную систему Рэки ее скутер сломался и ей пришлось искать запчасти на расположенной неподалеку станции Старшторм. Там она обнаружила таинственные робо-когти, которые привели Пенни к главному приключению всей ее жизни!



Текст музыкальной темы[]

She's an adorable scout
She is a true awesomenaut

She is both clever and charmin'
She is the darling of darlin's

She is so foxy!

One day she was out of luck
She and her scooter got stuck

There was this station in space
She felt the sweat on her face

But she was still hard as nails
With all her juicy details

Hmmmmmmm... and then she thought

Instead of taking it slow
I better go with this flow

So let's climb the debris
And I will let them all see

I am so foxy!
I am so foxy!

She's gonna make it
You cannot take it
She's gonna make you scream

If you won't give it
She's just gonna get it
In your dream!

Актёр озвучивания: Brooke Leigh "Dodger" Lawson


  • "Oh, bring it on... or are you all too chicken?"
  • "Come on out... I don't bite..."
  • "Oh, you've got nothing to fear, but fear of me!" - A reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt's[1] speech.
  • "Run away, and maybe I won't kill you!"
  • "I'm so confident, I'm not even mad..."
  • "Temper... Temper? You haven't even seen my temper yet!"
  • "Ha! You can't vex this vixen!"


  • "I got a bogey on my six..."
  • "HELP! I mean... help..."
  • "Help me out, team!"
  • "What am I doing here?"


  • "Can Somebody please go after them?"
  • "All right guys, destroy all barriers."
  • "Hit them Hard and don't hold back!"
  • Let's go, team!"
  • Um well, I GUESS we should start doing something, right?


  • "Excuse me, this guys are all over me! Somebody get rid of them!"
  • "Do a barrel roll!" - A reference to Peppy Hare, a character in Star Fox 64[2].
  • "If what I think is happening is happening... it better not be!" - Areference to Fantastic Mr. Fox[3]


  • "Ooh, come to mamma!"
  • "A, ah... sensible investment."
  • "A... sensible investment."


  • "It's coffee time." - A reference to Penny's voice actress, Dodger[4].
  • "Back to the foxhole."
  • "Oh sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry..."


  • "I am the 36th century fox." - A reference to the 20th Century Fox film studio[5].
  • "And so it begins..."
  • "Cunning! Sly! Clever!"
  • "What did I say again?" - A reference to "What Does the Fox Say?"[6] by Ylvis[7].
  • "Zap!"

Drop Pod In[]

  • "I am the 36th century fox." - A reference to the 20th Century Fox film studio.
  • "And so it begins..."
  • "Cunning! Sly! Clever!"
  • "What did I say again?" - A reference to "What Does the Fox Say?" by Ylvis.

Drop Pod In (Starstorm)[]

  • "I wonder what mysteries I can uncover here..."

Killing Blow[]

  • "Here chicky, chicky, chicky, chiky..."
  • "Dodge this!" - Possibly a pun with Penny's voice actress, Dodger.
  • "Oh, marvelous..."
  • "Outfoxed. Oh yeah!"
  • "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!" - A reference to a well-known english pangram[8].
  • "Wombo Combo!"

Killing Spree[]

  • "A fox among hounds..."
  • "I really am a quote on quote 'fantastic fox'." - A reference to Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  • "This fox is on fire!"
  • "Call me Pandora's Fox." - A pun on the mythical Pandora's Box[9].

Being Hit[]

  • "Argh!"
  • "Ugh!"
  • *Coughs*

On Death[]

  • "Ughhh..."
  • "Ohhh..."
  • "Arrrgh!"
  • "Nooo..."
  • "Awww Rats..."

Using Pounce[]

  • "Fox Pounce!"

Using Energy Pulse[]

  • "Ultra-spiraling-energy-spirit-fox-pulse!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Zap!"

Using Claw[]

  • "Ha-yaaaa!"
  • "Strike!"

Killing Ted McPain[]

  • "We meet again..."

Killing Sentry X-58[]

  • "I'm shutting you down, Sentry!"

Killing Skree[]

  • "So uncivilized, Skree..."

Вид в игре[]


Desperado Penny[]

PennyFox Skin Desperado Penny

A stranger arrives on horseback at the border town of San Soleres, at the outskirts of the Raki star system. She is taciturn, watchful, and incredibly fast and accurate with her gun, able to outdraw and kill four bandits, out for blood and a quick solar buck, with startling ease. The innkeeper, Silvanito, asks the Stranger to stay in town, offer protection, become the Sherriff. The Stranger politely declines: "I can never call any town home. I'm a drifter, a lone gunfighter. A desperado." - Official Steam Store Description.

This skin gives Penny cowboy clothes, with a poncho and a cowboy hat with a bullet hole. She also has a scar on one of her eyes and is missing a piece of her ear. Her claw glove is replaced by a metallic claw hand, Pounce's flaming fox image is wearing a handkerchief and also has a scarred eye and Energy Pulse becomes similar to a bullet.

Her wrist-mounted gun is replaced by a magnum revolver which she uses to shoot bullet-shaped energy shots.

Cheerleader Penny[]

PennyFox Skin Cheerleader Penny

2, 4, 6, 8
Who do we appreciate?
Say it Loud!
Say it proud!
Goooo Awesomenauts! - Official Steam Store Description

This skin gives Penny a cheerleader attire, complete with a miniskirt, a crop top, tennis shoes. She also has a teddy bear, ponytail and a bow on her hair. Her claw glove is replaced by a pon pon, Pounce's flaming fox image wears a football helmet and leaves a flower trail behind her and Energy Pulse looks similar to a pon pon and also leaves a flower trail as it moves.

Her wrist-mounted gun is replaced by a ribbon which she uses to shoot flowers.

Интересные факты[]

  • Penny Fox has a number 17 on her clothes. This is a reference to her being the 17th 'naut to be released.
  • Prior to her official name reveal on the 14 of March 2014, Penny Fox was referred to as "Foxy" or "Foxynaut" by both the community and Ronimo members.
  • Penny Fox's theme song is sung by Brandon Delagraentiss, Ted McPain's voice actor.