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Raelynn attack
Cuddles all folded up into a widdle gun makes most go “d’awwww” upon seeing it. This reaction usually transitions smoothly into a highpitched scream as they find out what “cuddling” really means.
Урон 7
Скорость атаки 150
Дальность 7

Raelynn skill1
Item 5 solar 135
Cuddles folds out to form a supercute variable Sniper-Pulserifle! Able to zap any target over great distances, the resulting beam will take out most of the surroundings along with the target. If you see a laser-point, best run!
Урон 45
Охлаждение 10 сек
Дальность 18
Время перезарядки 0.5 сек

Raelynn skill2
Item 5 solar 135
An expandable wall held within a nifty grenade! With this gadget, Raelynn can create some cover out of just about any terrain. Also great for blocking off annoying ex-es.
Сила замедления 60%
Охлаждение 9 сек
Высота 3
Ширина 2
Длительность 4 сек

Raelynn jump
Six Million Solar Human Jump
During bootcamp, recruits learned to traverse many obstacles and leap great distances. What made Raelynn special is the fact she was able to do all that in a pair of fancy heels as well as combatboots.