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AI Station 205 is the fifth map of the game, unlocked at Level x. It was released in August 28th 2014 with Patch 2.6 to replace AI Station 404 in ranked matches.

Background[ | ]

Within the Raki system the AI station 205 has been monitoring the star that is under attack of the Starstorm. While the Awesomenauts have been sent to the Starstorm to turn off its destructive gravitational collapse ray, and stop the system wide catastrophic event about to happen, the AI station has been equipped with an inferno device to stabilize the star and stop the space storm from forming

Unfortunately the station has trouble to harness the extreme stellar flares and sent out an emergency signal

The base structure is similar to other AI stations, but the explosive inferno device at the core of the station makes it a very perilous place.

Drop pod path and minimap[ | ]


Inferno Device[ | ]

Flamethrowers will burn members of both teams.

In the middle of AI Station 205 there is an inferno device. After 2 seconds of warning, flamethrowers will incinerate all targets staying in their range, dealing 40 damage with 600 attack speed (400 DPS) for 8 seconds (3200 total damage). After that they'll remain inactive for 21 seconds until this cycle repeats itself.

Being killed by the Inferno Device displays a message saying "Player Name has been incinerated by the inferno device!"

Creep Area[ | ]

Droid Creep

The upper middle of the map has three Service-Bots roaming around it. Killing them will drop a small Healthpack that restores 250 Health, and grant 5 xp, plus 3 Solar.

Droid Releaser[ | ]


Each team has a Droid Releaser right next to the top Turret. Stepping on it will spawn Humming Droids, up to a maximum of 3. Humming Droids are restocked every 15 seconds after destruction. It's impossible to activate the enemy team's droid releaser, but it can still be used as a platform.

Tips and Tricks[ | ]

  • You can tell when the inferno device will activate: the screen flashes red and the lights around it start flashing prior to activation.
  • Be twice as careful with enemy crowd controling effects around the inferno device area.
  • Attacking enemy turrets while the inferno device is active may force your enemies to either take a longer route in order to defend them, or risk going through the flames, taking damage in the process.
    • Alternatively, going through the flames as fast as possible (and with enough health to do so) may catch your opponents off guard, when they are attacking your turret.
  • Rushing through the flames of the inferno device to grab the healthpack that stays there is not worth it. The damage taken usually surpass the health recovered.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name of the map is a reference to 205, an HTTP standard response code for "content reset", a reference on how it replaced AI Station 404.
  • The Inferno Device was initially considered as the map gimmick for Starstorm Station.
  • Scoop's sword can be seen impaled in a worm in the background of both far bottom lanes. This was originally a teaser, added prior to his announcement.

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