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The following is a list of acronyms, abbreviations and terms commonly used by players and community members regarding Awesomenauts-related content.

#[ | ]

A[ | ]

  • AA - Autoattack. The default attack every character starts the game with.
  • AAyla - An Ayla build which focuses on autoattack upgrades first over Rage or Evil Eye.
  • Adminaut - A member of the Awesomenauts' Forums chosen by Ronimo Games to be a moderator. They can be identified by their golden-colored nicknames.
  • AFK - Away from keyboard - Meaning the player is in a match, but not currently playing (inactive). Players who spend too much time inactive are kicked out of the match.
  • Afro - Frog Afro. An upgrade for Ksenia.
  • Aig - Aiguillon. A map.
  • Amp Dmg - Amplify Damage. A debuff.
  • Anchor - Drop Anchor, an ability for Admiral Swiggins.
  • Announcer - Unseen NPCs which inform players of major events during a match.
  • AoE - Area of effect. Refers to any ability or attack able to affect an area.
  • Area Denial - Refers to abilities and upgrades which can discourage enemies from staying at or approaching a particular area of the map or Awesomenauts who specialize in this strategy. Mines and Spit are examples of area denying abilities. Also known as Area Control.
  • Armory - The Armory: An in-game menu where players can unlock and/or purchase new 'nauts, skins, droppods and announcers using real currency or Awesomepoints and Droppod Parts.
  • AS - Can refer to:
  1. Attack Speed. How short the time between a 'naut's attacks are.
  2. Airstrike. One of Ted McPain's abilities.

B[ | ]

  • Back - To go back to base, to return via the teleport function.
  • Backdooring - A tactic in which the attacker attempts to avoid the enemy team, usually while their teammates distract them in order to attack structures and then make a quick getaway before the defenders arrive.
  • Badge - Special icons granted to players by Ronimo Games under certain conditions.
  • Bait - Can refer to:
  1. Giving the enemy a false impression of vulnerability in order to lure them into a trap.
  2. Goading an enemy into using an ability in a way that they miss, putting it on cooldown.
  1. The area of the map where the team starts. Contains the drill and the shop.
  2. To return, to go back to base (usually with the teleport function).
  1. An ability for Clunk.
  2. Gnaw's basic attack.
  1. Blabl Zork, an upgrade for Chucho Krokk.
  2. Blabl Zork. An Awesomenauts lore character.
  1. An AI-controlled Awesomenaut.
  2. Bottom. A lane.
  1. Bubble, Timebubble, Warpbubble. Time Warp. One of Yuri's abilities.
  2. Bubble Gun. Vinnie & Spike's autoattack.
  • Buff - Can refer to:
  1. A balance change by the game's developers aimed at making a skill, upgrade, or 'naut more powerful. Opposite of Nerf.
  2. A beneficial, temporary effect granted by the player or your allies in form of abilities or upgrades. Opposite of Debuff.
  1. To deal a lot of damage in a very short time frame. See nuke.
  2. To burst someone down (see focus).

C[ | ]

  • Care - Means "be careful". A request that the player plays more safely or defensively.
  • CC - Crowd control. Abilities and upgrades that limit or prevent the opponent's ability to fight and/or move. An Awesomenaut with many crowd control abilities is referred to as a crowd controller.
  • Cat Derpl, Catling Derpl - A Derpl build centered around Cat Shot and its upgrades.
  • CD - Cooldown. Time during which an ability was recently used and needs to "cool down" before it can be used again.
  • CDR - Cooldown Reduction. Abilities and upgrades aimed at reducing cooldown.
  • Char - Character. Another term for "Awesomenaut".
  • Charge - Can refer to:
  1. Charges - A mechanic exclusive to Penny Fox and Nibbs.
  2. LUX Charge, one of Jimmy's abilities.
  • Chucho - Chucho Krokk, an Awesomenaut.
  • Combo Point - A resource exclusive to Penny Fox represented by a second bar under the health bar, which allows her to use abilities.
  • Chase - To pursue an enemy or to have the ability to do so in an easy or reliable way.
  • Chat - Can refer to:
  1. In-game chat that can occur in a match between its participants.
  2. Global chat, a feature implemented to allow players to chat in the game's menus, prior to joining a match.
  1. The product of Leon's Cloaking Skin.
  2. Explosive Clone, one of Dizzy's abilities.

D[ | ]

  • D - Short for defend. Means a request to fall back to the turret or drill.
  • Damage Dealer - Awesomenauts who specialize in dealing high sustained damage. Examples of such abilities include Rage and Machine Gun.
  • Dash - Any mechanic that allows a target to rapidly move a short distance, such as Splash Dash or Pounce.
  • Dashnado - Froggy G's Splash Dash and Tornado combo.
  • DC - Disconnect.
  • DD - Direct damage. Abilities or upgrades which deal damage on contact, as opposed to damage over time.
  • Deathball - A formation or strategy that involves 2 or more usually all 3 'nauts on the team grouped up in close formation, while having abilities and upgrades that make them very hard to approach and/or attack, allowing them to push with relative impunity.
  • Debuff - A harmful, temporary effect applied by enemy team members. Damage over time and crowd control effects are an example of debuffs.
  • Decoy - Circuits Of Time, an upgrade for Sentry X-58.
  • Dev - A developer of the game/Ronimo employee.
  • Dino, dinos - Summon Robo Dinos, one of Yoolip's abilities.
  • Displacement - A type of crowd control. Moves targets to a different location.
  • Dive - Can refer to:
  1. Turret diving - Getting within range of an enemy turret without droid backup in order to try and kill an enemy.
  2. Spike Dive - An ability for Vinnie & Spike.
  • Divebombing - A tactic in which a Clunk player drops from a very high place and on top of enemy team members while charging Explode, giving opponents less time to react.
  • DK - Double kill. To kill two enemy Awesomenauts in a very short time.
  • DL - Deadlift, an Awesomenaut.
  • DLC - Downloadable content. Usually purchaseable content for the game. Paid DLC for Awesomenauts include expansion packs, skins, the official soundtrack and special announcers.
  • DoG - Dreams of Greed. A (now removed) upgrade for Voltar.
  • Dome - T-800 Dome. An upgrade for Raelynn. AKA droidrift.
  • DoT - Damage over Time. A periodic damaging effect.
  • Double Dash - Rigged Casino Games. An upgrade for Vinnie & Spike.
  • DPS - Damage per second. How much damage an attack can deal per each second it stays active.
  • Drill - Solar Drill. The standard match's final objective. Destroying it ends a match in victory for that team.
  • Drip, Dripspit - Aggressive Acid. An upgrade for Gnaw.
  • Droid - Team-alligned minions controlled by AI. Drop Solar upon death.
  • Drone - Suicide Drones. One of Voltar's abilities.
  • Drop Pod - Capsule-like objects that 'nauts use to go back into the battle after they die. Players can control its left-right movement to collect Solar cubes on the way down.
  • Duo, duoqueuing - To join a match with one friend in order to play together.
  • Duck - Awesomenauts players/community members that were awarded a Golden Duck.
  • Dynamite - Dynamite Throw. One of Lonestar's abilities.

E[ | ]

F[ | ]

  • Facemite - A tactic for Lonestar players which involves using Dynamite Throw at melee range, detonating the explosives immediately.
  • Farm - To collect Solar either by actively picking it up around the map or killing droids and creeps. To focus on Solar collection.
  • FB - Firstblood. The first kill of a match done by a player or bot (kills by droids, creeps and turrets do not count).
  • Feed, feeding - To die multiple times (intentionally or not), giving your enemy more and more Solar and Experience. A person who does that is a feeder.
  • FFF, fins - Free Flight Fins, one of Clunk's upgrades.
  • Fighter - Awesomenauts who specialize in dueling others, being particularly good in 1v1 battle scenarios.
  • Fire - Can refer to:
  1. The Inferno Device. A map feature in AI Station 205.
  2. Fire Breath. One of Nibbs' Abilities.
  • Flowers - Perfumed White Flowers, one of Skolldir's upgrades.
  • Fly, flight - An ability that allows characters to remain in the air for as long as they want.
  • Focus - When a character or team decides to focus most/all of their abilities to bring down a specific target.
  • Foxy, Fox - Penny Fox.
  • Frag - A kill, to kill an opposing team member.
  • Frenzy - A resource exclusive to Nibbs represented by a second bar under the health bar, which increases her attack speed and interact with some of her upgrades.
  • Frog, Froggy - Froggy G
  • Footsies - When two or more characters are stuck at locked in a distance from one another, waiting for the other to come into bad positioning so a more favorable engagement can occur.

G[ | ]

H[ | ]

  • Hammer - Frozen Hammer, one of Scoop's skills.
  • Harass - A strategy that involves the use of tipically long range and/or low cooldown attacks to chip away an enemy's health at a safe distance. A 'naut who does this well is called a harasser or poker.
  • Hard CC - Hard Crowd Control. A specific type of crowd control effect that prevents control of the 'naut (particularly movement), such as cocoon or stuns.
  • Heal - To use or to be affected by a healing effect.
  • Healbubble - Regeneration Pod. An upgrade for Yuri.
  • Healer - A 'naut who excels in healing their teammates.
  • Health - Health points, Hit points, Lifebar. The life bars for Awesomenauts, creeps and structures. If it reaches zero, the unit dies. For Awesomenauts, each block of the health bar represents 200 hitpoints.
  • Healthpack - Green, round powerups that immediatly grant health upon being picked up.
  • HF - Can refer to: 
  1. Heavenly Fire. One of Coco's upgrades, or a build that involves the use of that upgrade. AKA Blazeball. 
  2. Short for "Have Fun".

I[ | ]

  1. Invite, invitation. To invite someone to play with oneself.
  2. Invisible, invisibility. Mechanic that prevents players from seeing a character and AI-controlled minions from attacking them. Commonly called out in chat on Aiguillon when an enemy Awesomenaut has the stealth orb.

J[ | ]

  • JK - Just kidding. Means that what have just been said is not meant to be taken seriously.
  • Juke, Juking - To move in an erratic, unpredictable way in an attempt to confuse pursuing enemies and escape them. To successfully evade an opponent or attack.
  • Jungle - Part of the map that contains neutral creeps.

K[ | ]

  • KB - Knockback, a form of crowd control. Pushes enemies away from the impact point.
  • KS - Can refer to:
  1. Killsteal - To kill an opponent an ally would have killed, denying him the larger part of the bounty.
  2. Kill Secure - To kill an opponent your ally might have killed on their own to ensure it won't escape.
  3. Killing Spree - To kill three enemy Awesomenauts without dying. Doing so one or two more times without dying is called "killing machine" and "legendary" respectively.

L[ | ]

  • Lane - The pathways between the two bases used by droids and 'nauts where most of the combat takes place.
  • Lane Control - To hold a certain portion of the lane, making it harder for opponents to maintain their presence there.
  • Last hit - To deal the killing blow to an enemy droid. Doing so grants Solar to the killer directly instead of it being dropped on the ground. Only Awesomenauts can benefit from last hitting.
  • Level - Can refer to:
  1. In-game level. The level of the team of the Awesomenaut in the current match. See Experience System for more info.
  2. Account level. The level of the player. As the player progresses in the game, their account levels up, granting them access to new 'nauts, upgrades and maps (unranked modes only).

M[ | ]

  1. The maps in which matches take place.
  2. The minimap.
  • Map Awareness - To be mindful of the minimap. To use it in order to know where allies and enemies are when possible, thus being aware of the current situation.
  • Match - A game session.
  • Max - Can refer to:
  1. Maximum.
  2. Max Focus, an Awesomenaut.
  • Maxxed, Maxxed out - The maximum numbers of upgrades available have been purchased.
  • Melee - Refers to close range engagements or abilities.
  • MG - Machine Gun. One of Ted McPain's autoattacks.
  • Milk - Can refer to:
  1. Bovinian Skimmed Milk. An upgrade for Admiral Swiggins.
  2. Bovinian Breastmilk. An upgrade for Jimmy And The Lux5000.
  3. Milk Of Righteousness. An upgrade for Scoop.
  • Mine - Mine Deploying. One of Yuri's abilities.
  • Minespam - To use the Mine Deploying ability in quick succession as Yuri, usually aided by Mine Constructor and/or Carpet Bombs.
  • Mitigation. To reduce or minimize damage taken, usually through the use of shields or healing effects.
  • Mirror match - A match where both teams use the same characters.
  • MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Game genre which consists of two teams of opposing players, each controlling their own unit, with the objective of taking down defensive structures in order to reach and destroy the enemy base before their enemies can do the same. Games like Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL) fall into this category. Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA.
  • Monkey - Yuri.
  • Moustache - Disguise Moustache. An upgrade for Sentry X-58's Black Hole Sun.

N[ | ]

  • N1 - Nice one.
  • Nado - Tornado. One of Froggy G's abilities.
  • Naut, 'naut - Awesomenaut. The game's playable characters.
  • Nautsbuilder - Awesomenauts' loadout generator and calculator, made by Leimi. Click here for more info.
  • Nerf - A balance change by the game's developers aimed at making an ability, upgrade or 'naut less powerful. Opposite of Buff.
  • Nest, Weed Nest - An area occupied by multiple weedlings.
  • Newbie - An inexperienced player.
  • Ninja Worms - Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition. An upgrade for Froggy G.
  • NJ - Nice Job.
  • Noob - An insulting way of referring to an inexperienced player.
  • NP - Short for "no problem".
  • NPC - Non-playable character. Any computer-controlled unit, such as bots and creeps.
  • Nuke - Can refer to:
  1. An ability who deals very high damage immediatly. Nuke and Explode are examples of nukes. An Awesomenaut who specializes in such abilities is referred to as a nuker.
  2. Nuke. One of Derpl's abilities.

O[ | ]

  • OD - Awesomenauts: Overdrive, or simply "Overdrive". Awesomenauts' second expansion pack, which featured Professor Milton Yoolip, Chucho Krokk, Jimmy And The Lux5000 and Max Focus. With Awesomenauts' transition to free to play, this expansion was removed from the steam store and all its contents were made available to all players.
  • ODG - Overdrive Gear, a utility upgrade exclusive to Overdrive 'Nauts.
  • Offscreen - Refers to any in-game events that happen outside of the player's view.
  • Oily, Oilythrow - Oily Spray on Bronze. An upgrade for Skølldir.
  • One-shot, one-shotted - To kill or be killed by a single strike while near or at full health. The worm is an example of something that can one-shot.
  • OP, Overpowered - Situation in which a 'naut, ability, upgrade or strategy is considered to be more powerful than the game's standards and should be toned down by developers to be less effective.
  • Orb - Can refer to:
  1. The stealth orb. A feature exclusive to Aiguillon which makes players invisible for a set period of time.
  2. Orb Of Omicron. One of Nibbs' Abilities.
  • Overextend, overextending - When the subject is way into an area that's unsafe for him (generally into enemy territory or too far away from teammates). To be in a risky situation where, if something goes wrong, it is harder to escape.

P[ | ]

  • Pacifier - Castle Icecream Flavoured Pacifier. An upgrade for Jimmy And The Lux5000.
  • Pads - Deployment Pads. An upgrade for Derpl.
  • Pants - Hammer Pants. An upgrade for Froggy G.
  • Pills, PPT - Power Pills Turbo, a utility upgrade.
  • Pin, pinned - To be trapped between terrain or turret and a Lonestar bull.
  • Piñata, piñata'd - Situation where Drop Anchor latches on to a 'naut, causing them to hang mid-air, making them unable to move and vulnerable to all attacks.
  • Pit - Bottomless pit, map feature on Starstorm Station.
  • Poke, poking - To use a long range ability or attack to hit a target from a safe distance. See harass.
  • Polymorph, Transform - The Last Pieridae Transformae. An upgrade for Genji.
  • Positioning - Refers to the location of a character at any point of the match. An example of good positioning would be to stay a safe distance from the enemy team, while being close enough to your own team, in order to be ready for engagement when an opportunity presents itself.
  • Portal - Teleporters. A map feature on Starstorm Station.
  • PML, Mine launcher - Photon Mine Launcher. Sentry X-58's autoattack.
  • Premade - Players who join a match as a group in order to play together.
  • Premium - A special type of skin for characters, which costs more than average ones, but comes with unique voice acting and visual changes.
  • PS - Precision Shot. One of Rocco's abilities.
  • Pub - A group of players that don't know each other, but are playing together via matchmaking.
  • Pubstomp - Using certain strategies or 'nauts that tend to be effective against uncoordinated and/or inexperienced teams. A person who does that is called a "Pubstomper".
  • Punch - Bash. Skølldir's auto attack.
  • Push - To quickly kill enemy droids and turrets or to excel at that. A 'naut that can do this well is referred to as a pusher.
  • Proc - Condition that determines when an ability or effect takes place. Example: "Leon's Clover of Honour procs every 2 hits." or "When Clunk bites an invincible target, it still procs lifesteal".
  • Pull - Can refer to:
  1. Tongue Snatch. One of Leon's abilities.
  2. Gravity effects, especially Nibbs' Beryl Scale Cloak.

Q[ | ]

  • QQ - An emoticon for crying eyes and is commonly used to call out somebody on unjust, whining and/or upset.
  • Queue - Going into any form of the online matchmaking system.

R[ | ]

  • RAB, Bear - Rip-Apart Bear. An Upgrade for Ayla.
  • Rae, RaeRae - Raelynn
  • Rage Bubble - Rage. One of Ayla's abilities. Also known as Rageball.
  • Ragequit, RQ - To abruptly abandon a match in progress due to anger and/or frustration.
  • Ramona - Chucho Krokk's bike. See Hyper Bike/Turret.
  • Random - To pick and play as a random Awesomenaut.
  • Randomnauts - A game mode where characters (and typically their upgrades) are randomly picked for the player.
  • Rambo - To "go Rambo", to disregard safety and act alone (and aggressively) usually without an escape plan. Suicidal behaviour.
  • Rangefist - Flaming Fists. An upgrade for Skølldir.
  • Rattle - Rattle Smash. Jimmy's autoattack.
  • RBAY - Right Back At Ya!. One of Froggy G's upgrades.
  • RBB - Rubberband Ball, and upgrade for Ayla's Rage.
  • Regen - Regeneration. Abilities and upgrades that regenerate the user's health over time.
  • Respawn - To return to the match after being killed (players) or to be replaced after dying (creeps, droids, powerups).
  • Rift - Timerift. One of Raelynn's abilities.
  • Roles - Generally speaking, a role is what a specific Awesomenaut can accomplish with their abilities and upgrades in a match. Each Awesomenaut has access to a few different roles.
  • Rocket - Can refer to:
  1. Commander Rocket, an Awesomenaut.
  2. Rocket Launch, an ability for Commander Rocket.
  • Ronma - A humorous way used by Awesomenauts community members to refer to Ronimo Games.
  • RNG - Random Number Generator - Refer to any aspect of the game that's determined by chance, such as which map will be played in a ranked match, for instance.
  • RTC - Royal Toy Castle. An upgrade for Swiggins.
  • RTDM - Randomnauts Team Deathmatch, a game mode.
  • Rush - Strategy that involves buying an ability, upgrade or group of upgrades as soon as possible.
  • Re - Rematch. Usually said at the end of a match to request that players choose to rematch.

S[ | ]

  • Sadak - can refer to:
  1. A species in Awesomenauts. Ayla and Yoolip are members.
  2. Sadak Mysteries: Paranormal Activity?, an upgrade for Max Focus.
  1. Froggy G's Splash Dash
  2. Genji's Storm Drum
  3. Vinnie & Spike's Spike Dive
  1. Snipe, one of Raelynn's abilities.
  2. Gamesnipe, gamesniping. To join one's match uninvited in order to queue up with or against them.
  • Snowball, Snowballing - In-game phenomenon in which a player or team gains an advantage over their adversaries, typically early in the match, which then spirals out of control, as they grow stronger and stronger, eventually making it almost impossible for the enemy team to catch up, (usually) leading to an inevitable defeat.
  • Sock - Mammoth Sock With Holes. An upgrade for Vinnie & Spike.
  • Solar - The game's fictional currency, used to purchase abilities and upgrades.
  • Solar Cloud - A build for Vinnie & Spike that combines Rubber Mask and Solar Krab Burgers.
  • Solar Tree - Can refer to:
  1. Broken Solar Tree. One of Ix's Upgrades.
  2. Solar Tree. A removed utility upgrade.
  • Soloqueue, Soloqueuing - The act of joining a game on their own, joining whatever players are currently in the match. A group of soloqueuers is called a "pub".
  • Spam - May refer to:
  1. To repeatedly use an ability over a short period of time, or as often as possible.
  2. To post messages in chats or forums with the purpose of flooding them with messages or to promote advertising to external/malicious websites. A person who does this is a spammer.
  1. Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion. Awesomenauts' first expansion pack, which featured Ted McPain, Penny Fox, Sentry X-58, Skree and Nibbs. With Awesomenauts' transition to free to play, this expansion was removed from the Steam Store and all its contents were made available to all players.
  2. Starstorm Station. A map.

T[ | ]

  • Tank - A 'naut that specializes in withstanding more damage than others, thus protecting the team. To tank, to take damage on one's behalf.
  • Taunt - To taunt using the taunt command.
  • TDM - Team Deathmatch, a game mode.
  • Teamfight - Combat in which most or all members of both teams are present.
  • Ted - Ted McPain.
  • Telefrag, Telefragging - To kill an enemy with Teleport Beacon (normally with the assistance of Yellow King Pages).
  • Throw - May refer to:
  1. Mighty Throw - One of Skølldir's abilities.
  2. Game throw - Deliberately losing or giving up on a game.
  1. Teleport.
  2. Angel Wing Toilet Paper. An upgrade for Ted McPain.
  1. Grid Trap, an ability for Derpl.
  2. Laser Trap, an ability for Commander Rocket.
  3. To booby trap an area (with abilities such as Weedlings or Mines.
  4. To ambush someone, usually aided by invisibility or hide areas.
  1. Turret - Large team-controlled structures which automatically fire upon nearby enemy units and block access to the team's base.
  2. Turret - One of Chucho Krokk's abilities.
  • Turtle - The act of turtling. To play very defensively, usually relying on range to attack enemies from the safety of turrets or the base.
  • TY - Short for "thank you".
  • Trinamite - An upgrade for Lonestar's Dynamite (formely known as "An Extra Stick!").

U[ | ]

  • UFO - UFO Spotted At Starstorm Station!, one of Max Focus' upgrades.
  • Ultimate - A very special type of skin for characters, which costs more than premium ones, but comes with unique voice acting, theme song, killing spree theme song and many visual changes (Jotunn Skølldir is an exception to this rule).
  • UP, Underpowered - Situation in which a 'naut, ability, upgrade or strategy is less powerful than the game's standards and needs to be toned up by developers to be more effective.
  • Utility, Utility Row - Refers to the upgrades on the last row of the loadout screen. Most of these are available to multiple 'nauts.

V[ | ]

W[ | ]

X[ | ]

Y[ | ]

Z[ | ]

  • Zerg - Originally a StarCraft term, zerg now refers to overwhelming the opponents with superior numbers in a generally unorganized manner which involves little skill. Aggressive/suicidal team pushes and droid trains are examples of this.
  • Zoning - See Area Denial.