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Backstory[ | ]

Raised in the Swiggins Navy Family on the Kraken planet Titan, Charles Swiggins was the youngest of 30 siblings. Graduating from Wet Point with top honors, he quickly rose through the ranks to become Captain of his very first ship in the Royal Fleet. This ship was called the ‘Sweet Homboldt’.

Tasked with finding and defeating Pirates, Swiggins set out with a loyal crew on many succesful sortees. One day, the Homboldt chanced upon the massive Pirateship 'Colossus' helmed by the dreaded Captain Inkbeard!

After a furious battle, which reduced both ships to floating heaps of debris, the two captains were the only ones alive for a final showdown. Being nearly overpowered, Swiggins' grasping tentacle found a chain just below the surface of the churning water. Powered by his desperation he hurled the object at his foe. This object was Sweet Homboldts anchor! With one massive blow, Swiggins ended the biggest Pirate threat on Titan once and for all.

Now an Admiral, he has exchanged the seas for the voids of space where his fame and leadership skills have found him a contract among the Awesomenauts!

Extra[ | ]

In the beginning, Swiggins was a part of the 2012 Design-Your-Naut contest, in which hundreds of character concepts were sent in, with only one making it into the game. Admiral Swiggins was initially chosen by Ronimo Games staff to be in the top 5, of which would then be voted on by the community in order to decide which of the 5 would be made. User Channfree's Admiral Swiggins was chosen.

Another contest was later made to decide how Admiral Swiggins would look. Once again, the community was able to send in their entries, showcasing many different depictions of the character. In the end, user coffeybean4 won the contest with the design seen below.

Quotes[ | ]

Theme song lyrics[ | ]

"Down from the seas into space

Stretching his tentacles out, squirting them in your face

Swiggins is known for the phrase:

'I'll have my tea with cream, if that's okay'"

Old Lyrics:

"He is our brave admiral!

Anchorsmashing squid with tentacles!

He'll bring us tea and mackerell!

You must see: his victory is natural!" (Revealed during August 10, 2013 in the APLi)

Voice actor: Clint "Myndflame" Hacklemen

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"You made me spill my tea! This... IS UNFORGIVABLE!"

▶️"Your tactics are bad, and you should feel bad!" - A reference to Futurama [1] character, Dr. Zoidberg. [2]

▶️"I fought barnacles tougher than you!"

▶️"Haha! I swabbed your deck!"

▶️"Are you squidding me?"

▶️"You've got to be squidding me!"

▶️"I'll swab the deck with you!"

▶️"What do you get when you cross a squid admiral with a very large anchor? You're about to find out!"


▶️"And I thought I was spineless!"

▶️"Do you fear death?" - A reference to Davy Jones, [3] a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean [4] film series.

▶️"You wanna know how I got these scars?" - A reference to the Joker [5] from the Dark Knight [6] film.

▶️"Have at you!"

▶️"A battle to the depth!"

Help[ | ]

▶️"Abandon Ship!"


▶️"Captain's Log: HELP ME!"


▶️"They are going to make sushi out of me! Or is it calamari?"

Attack[ | ]



▶️"You may fire when ready!" - A reference to Moff Tarkin, a character from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. [7]

▶️"Show no mercy!"

▶️"X marks the spot!"

▶️"Full speed ahead!"

Defend[ | ]

▶️"Battle stations!"

▶️"Protect the tea!"

▶️"All tentacles on deck!"

▶️"It's a trap!" - A reference to Admiral Ackbar [8], a character from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. [9]

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"A penny saved is a penny earned. Ooh!"

▶️"More swag for Swiggins!"

▶️"Six quid? But I feel fine!" - A joke about how "Six Quid" sounds similar to "Sick Squid".

▶️"To the victor goes the spoils!"

▶️"I'll take Swords for $300." - A reference to Sean Connery [10] in Saturday Night Live: Celebrity Jeopardy! [11]

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop!" - A reference to Futurama character, Dr. Zoidberg.


▶️"There's no place like Homboldt!" - A reference to the quote from The Wizard of Oz.[12]

▶️"Time for another cup of tea!"

▶️"Sorry, tea time!" *clink clink*

▶️"Oh no, I left the tea kettle on!"

▶️"Tea time!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Admiral Swiggins at your service!"


▶️"Let's get kraken!" - a pun on "Let's get cracking" and a reference to the Kraken. [13]

▶️"I'll swab the deck with you!"

▶️"A battle to the depth!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Admiral Swiggins at your service."

▶️"For queen and country!"

▶️"Into the fray once more!"


▶️"Let's get kraken!"

▶️"I say!"


▶️"Yo ho ho, and a cup of tea... of course!"

▶️"Release the kraken!" - A reference to the film Clash of the Titans. [14]

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"There can be only one!" - A reference to the film Highlander. [15]

▶️"I'm terribly sorry for any incovenience caused as a result of your death."

▶️"Hahaha! You brought a knife to an anchor fight, lad!" - A reference to the saying, "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."

▶️"You are no match for the admiral!"

▶️"Kaboom!" - A reference to Salvatore, a character in The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker [16]

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"I dare say, quite a spectacular show!"


▶️"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll go on a fish killing spree!" - A take on a well-known proverb.

▶️"The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the anchor is far mightier than the pen!" - A take on a well-known proverb.

▶️"I'll drink to that!"

▶️"When you're this good, it's hard to be... HOMBOLT! Hahaha!"

Being Hit[ | ]








▶️"Oough roghough!"

▶️"Igth ahaha!"

On Death[ | ]

▶️"So ends the journey of a space admiral..."

▶️"You will rue the day..."

▶️"Argh, blasted ruffians!"

▶️"We happy few..." - A reference to the famous St. Crispin's Day Speech [17] of Shakespeare's Henry V [18].

▶️"I say! Bad... sport..."

▶️"You sunk my battleship!" - A reference to the Battleship [19] game.

▶️"'tis a glorious death..."

▶️"Wet gunpowder..."

▶️"Hmpth! What poppycock!

Using Anchor Hook[ | ]

▶️"Hook it up!"

▶️"Hook, line and sinker!"

▶️"It appears i've caught on!"

▶️"You've been hooked!"

Using Drop Anchor[ | ]

▶️"You're grounded!"

▶️"Anchor aweigh!"

▶️"So sorry! I believe I've become terribly attached to you!"

▶️"I call it 'anchor management'!" - A pun on anger management.

▶️"Do stick around, ol' chum!"

▶️"Drop the anchor!"

▶️"Perhaps it will be in your best interest to just stand still."

▶️"Weigh the anchor!"

Abyssal Swiggins Quotes[ | ]

All of the new lines added by the Abyssal Swiggins skin are a mix of Swiggins' regular lines, but reversed with a deeper voice, and actual gibberish, also deepened by voice filters.

Quotes[ | ]

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 01

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 02

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 03

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 04

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 05

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 06

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 07

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 08

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 09

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 10

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 11

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 12

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 13

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 14

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 15

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 16

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 17

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 18

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 19

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 20

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 21

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 22

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 23

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 24

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 25

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 26

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 27

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 28

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 29

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 30

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 31

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 32

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 33

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 34

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 35

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 36

▶️Abyssal Swiggins 37

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default Skin.

Base Swiggins Skin

Default Skin. (donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Admiral Swiggins, PHD (donated by Gatronix).

PHD Swiggins Skin

Admiral Swiggins, PHD.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Abyssal Swiggins.

Abyssal Swiggins Skin

Abyssal Swiggins.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player captain 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

ClassIcon Captain

Skin Information[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins, PHD[ | ]

CharacterRender Swiggins DrFetus RedBG

So we asked the guys at Team Meat if they would be cool with us making a Dr. Fetus skin for Admiral Swiggins. They told us "awesome. do as you wish with it :)", so here's what would have happened if Swiggins went to Med School instead of War School. He still ends up as an Admiral in the Navy, somehow - but now with an extra degree and a violent hatred against jumping pieces of bloody meat.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Admiral Swiggins in Awesomenauts, and will automatically unlock the character if you have not already done so. - Official Steam Store description.

In this skin, Swiggins is replaced by Dr. Fetus, a character from Super Meat Boy which can be seen floating inside the glass tank where Swiggins' head is normally. The tentacles are replaced by robotic limbs and the armor has a darker color scheme, a suit and a tie. The anchor is covered in bandages and the glass tank has a top hat and monocle.

Abyssal Swiggins[ | ]

CharacterRender swigginsctulhu redBG

T͓ͅo̞͎͍̖͖̖ ̭͈̰̩̖̮͇i̸̺̫͓̠n͟v̧͓̱̮̰̩o̲͙̫͈k̦͓͉̳͖̥e̠͕̤̭̭ ̜̜̙̖̕t͍̟̠͎̙h̟̣͈̯͙͔͠e̹͈̯̱̖̺ ̗h͈̞͓i̱̞̭̟̜̼̩v̠̠̩͍̼e̴̤͙̠̯͚-̖̱͎̰̫̯m̙i͏̰̱̭n̘̹̯̠̘̻̕d̖͇ͅ ͍̘̺r̨e̻̻p̻̩̤̙̫͡r͕͔͖͙̻͎̲͞e̞̯̟͖̟͠s̵͕e͉̤͔͈̳ͅn̙͈͚͕t͎̻̪̮̻̮ͅi͕͢ng̝̞̯̞̯̯ ̦̥̟c͔͓̘͙͎̻h̪̞̫̟̩̦̰a̲̬̯o̗̘͇͔͇͔s.̩̺̖͍̱̤

I̡͙̩n̡͍̰͔͎̺͙̤v̭̺̙͓o̩̪̠̩̪k͕͙͖̰͉i̞̲͓͟ͅn͖͇͓̟g̟̟̩̜͕͢ ̙̱͉̲͕̹̱t̗̣̯͞h͓̬̩̗̗͞e͇̰̻̰̪ ̮͕͕͔͠f̺̹͓͙͈̖̻e͚̱̹͟ͅe̱͓l̥̺͎̺̗͖ͅi͏̼͓̦ng ͙̥͇̰͚̲o̡͉͍̫̤f̵̲̥̪̭̪̻ ̜͈̣̫͓̲̰c̢͍̞̖h̹͜a̬͇̻͇̪̲ͅo̖͓͙͓̖̠̗͠ş̦̜̱̗͔.̲̰

W̞̺̖̫̗̯i͙̲̮̟t͖̣̲͕̲h̦͙̤͖ ͎͇͖̺͞o̸͔̟͍u͔̮̗̬̩͉͈t̼̜̫͟ ҉͖̞͉o͇̭͙ͅr̩̝d̶͈e͕͞r̘.͖̭͖̬͇̹̤

T̰̱̮͓̫̘̠h̞͙̞̫̦e̸̗̼̩̩͇͓̫ ̨͍̱̪̭̗̬͇Nè͚̳͎̞̬̤̟z̯̙̠̤͍͍͘ṕ̩e̪͉̞̙̺r͏d͓̖̘̰̜ͅi̼̼̝͙̤a̪̞n̗̳͚͚̘ ̭͍͎̬ͅh̫͚̺̰͕̤́i̵͔͙̙̮v̶͎͍̗e̦͢-̵̣͇m̛͕i̭͇̪͘n̻̪̲͙͓̞͢d̸͙ o̼͍̘̺f̱̜̖̬̝̞̱ ̧̳c͡h̴͍̜͉͇̠͖̰a̝̼͚͢o̢͇s̻̟̪̜̝̖̝.҉͚̺̹ͅ ̺͔̳̻̜̠S͇͔̜w̖̠̞ig̹g̟̳͈̹͢i̡n̥̼s̢̼.̜̠͓̘̫ͅ

H͉͉̜e̳̞̟͓ͅ ̨w҉̰ho͇̲̖͕ ̶̭̹W̯̫̼͎a̟͙̬̼̦͍i͚̤̦͍͍̭ͅt͈͎͇̰̮̗ͅs҉̟͕͕ ̶̬̘̫̭̫̬̗B̨̙̞̤̜͇̘e̳̞͓͕̬̰̖h͉i͔̰̭͈̠n̮̠d͖̝ ̴T̻̮̙̠̬h͖̮͉̻̯̹e͇͉̙͓͢ ̷̼͉͎̬͎̩W͈a̝͜ll̩̼.̀


This DLC contains a custom skin for Admiral Swiggins in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set!

If you have not already unlocked the character, this DLC will do so. - Official Steam Store description.

This skin removes Swiggins' cap and glass tank and gives him different skin color (dark green for red team, light blue for blue team). He has a glyph drawn on his forehead and red glowing eyes. The armor, anchor and claw hand have evil-looking faces on them. Anchor Hook's chain is replaced by a tentacle. Being a premium skin, it also comes with different voice acting.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Abyssal Swiggins showcase starts at 0:50, ends at 1:06.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Admiral Swiggins was the first 'naut to be created via a community contest. He was designed by Channfree and got the most votes from the community of all the five finalist 'nauts chosen by Ronimo Games (the others being Ivan Romanov, Nodja, Jebediah Molecoon and Yowie the Yeti). Coffeybean4 won the art contest for Swiggins which went on to become the official design.
  • Swiggins was the first Awesomenaut to have splash art not made by Ronimo Games.
  • Swiggins' in-game sprite was meant to have an eye patch, to mirror its splash art. This was later changed because it caused animation issues, not being clear enough. Ronimo Games opted for a mechanical eye instead.
  • Many of the lines spoken by Swiggins in-game were suggested to Ronimo Games by the Awesomenauts community. This trend was later followed with new 'nauts, certain premium skins and exclusive Starstorm announcers all using community-created voicelines up until Nibbs, after which Ronimo started working with a professional writer for voice lines.
  • The Admiral Swiggins PHD, and Abyssal Swiggins skins are clear references to Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy [20] and the famous Lovecraftian [21] monster, Cthulhu [22], respectively.
  • Swiggins' in-game sprite was secretly shown in the trailer for Gnaw's Gnabot skin. (Shown below)
  • Swiggins was the first 'naut to be released with a premium skin.
  • Ronimo originally wanted community member Quinn "Weazel" Chert as Swiggins' voice actor. Despite the fact that he was ultimately voiced by Clint Hacklemen (aka Myndflame). Weazel would later be chosen by Ronimo Games to be the voice actor of Skree.
  • Swiggins' in-game sprite has an "M" on his armor. Possibly a reference to his voice actor: Myndflame.
  • According to The Droppod #8[23], Swiggins' theme song was actually sung by just one person who recorded the song 15 times to make it sound like a choir.
  • The name for Swiggins' anchor, Homboldt, appears to originate from the Humboldt Squid[24].

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