Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorHook

Anchor Hook [edit]
Swiggins hurls Homboldt forward, and grapples towards whatever he hits. If you thought getting hit by an anchor is bad, wait for the iron-clad squid that's coming after it!
Damage 310 (486.7)
Droid damage 100 (157)
Stun Duration 0.25s
Cooldown 7s
Range 11

UI Skillbutton Captain Melee

Anchor Swing/Ink Spray [edit]
Admiral Swiggins carries his trustworthy anchor Homboldt anywhere. Quite handy for smacking people on the head with! Especially when they fail to pay a highborn squid admiral his properly earned respect!
Anchor Swing Damage 120 (188.4)
Anchor Swing Attack Speed 95.2
Anchor Swing Range 3.2
Ink Spray Damage 80 (125.6)
Ink Spray Attack Speed 130.4
Ink Spray Range 7.2

UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorDrop

Drop Anchor [edit]
Swiggins throws Homboldt in an arch. If it hits an enemy Awesomenaut, it will be chained to homboldt for a couple of seconds. The anchor can be destroyed. Now that's anchor management!
Damage 80 (125.6)
Chain break damage 50 (78.5)
Cooldown 11s
Duration 3s
Homboldt Health 350 (616)

UI Skillbutton Captain Jump

Ink Propulsion [edit]
Who said tentacles are only good for swimming in a weird manner? The admiral has no issues whatsoever with manouvering ground based obstacles. Swiggins can also perform a hovering technique by propelling himself upward with ink squirts. Quite splendid.
Jump Height 7.6
Descending Speed 1.4
Jumps 1 (Hover)
Max Hover Duration 3s