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An area that will apply chosen effects, i.e. heal, slow or damage targets when activated.

Field Description Possible values Type
automaticMovementDuration Amount of time the AffectArea will take to move from start position to end position while not connected to another object and vise versa Number
positionInfluencedBy Name of object connected to the AffectArea to make it move from start position to end position Text
activationInfluencedBy Name of object connected to the AffectArea to make it activate Text
affectTeamZero When enabled will make the effect area only apply it’s effects to the red team Yes / No
affectTeamOne When enabled will make the effect area only apply it’s effects to the blue team Yes / No
affectTeamNone When enabled will make the effect area only apply it’s effects to the teamless creeps Yes / No
timeBetweenTicks Set the delay between each tick of the effect Number
healthPerTick Amount of health healed per tick (Deals damage if the value is negative) Number
cleanseCharacter When enabled the effect area will remove any CC or DoT a character might have Yes / No
stunDurationPerTick Stun duration applied per tick Number
blindDurationPerTick Duration of the blind effect when applied Number
silenceDurationPerTick Duration of the silence effect when applied Number
slowFactor The speed multiplier of the slow effect. This has no effect if slowDurationPerTick isn't changed. Values greater than one will apply speed but values between 0 and 1 will apply slow. Number
slowDurationPerTick Duration of the slow effect while applied Number
snareDurationPerTick Length of the snare effect when applied Number
speedupDuration Duration of the speed buff(Ask duration to Davey Number
damageBuffDuration The duration of the damage buff(Is 50% by default) Number
damageDebuffDuration The duration of the damage debuff(Is 50% by default) Number
solarPerTick Amount of solar per tick given to characters in the affect area Number
knockback The direction the knockback will be applied Position ([ x ] [ y ])
characterDirectionKnockback Applies knockback in the direction the character is going Number
isAdditiveKnockback When enabled will make a character maintain it's momentum while the knockback is applied Yes / No
disableJumpDuringKnockback will disable the ability to jump while a character is affected by the knockback of the effect area Yes / No
pullCharacterTowardsCentreDuration Duration of the pull effect Number
pullCharacterSpeed The speed of which the character will be pulled to the center Number
customUpgradeToGive Select upgrade to apply to the AffectArea Text
customUpgradeDuration Duration of selected custom upgrade when applied Number
hasGlowGraphics When enabled will display a visual of the area of effect of the AffectArea Yes / No
glowTextureName Select a texture that will visualize the AffectArea Text
allowRecolourGlow WIll give the affectArea visual a green tint when the area heals Yes / No
glowGraphicOpacity Visibility of the AffectArea visual 0 till 1 Number
hasDefaultParticles When enabled the area will generate particles of the effects enabled on the AffectArea Yes / No
customParticleName Select a partical that will visualize the AffectArea Text
customParticleEmittanceMultiplier Dictated the speed of which the particals will spawn 0 till 1 Number
playHealSound When enabled the effect area will make a healing sound effect Yes / No
isShopHealingArea Unknown purpose Yes / No
switchToClass Change the class of any entity that go into the affectArea. The player must have the class unlocked or it will not work. Text
switchToSkinIndex Change the skin of any entity that go into the affectArea. Players must have the skin unlocked or it will not work. 0 till 5 Number

Additional notes[ | ]

  • You're able to give affect area's pickup effects. All of the pickup effects start with level and then the effect name after it so for example, cooldown reduction is "LEVELCOOLDOWNREDUCTION". This can be useful if you want to customize a bit your pickup
  • You can hover an upgrade with your mouse in the asset browser to get information about what it does
  • SwitchToClass has a strange behaviour is Allow same naut in a team is set to false
  • SwitchToClass and SwitchToTeam will works on creeps but the creepSpawnerRepeater will spawn another creep
  • SwitchTeam has a strange behavior on bots but works well on player

List of useful custom upgrades[ | ]

Upgrade name Description
LevelAttackspeed Increases attackspeed by 25%
LevelCooldownReduction Reduces cooldowns by 75%
BotLevel2 Reduces cooldowns by 10%
BotLevel3 Reduces cooldowns by 15%
BotLevel4 Reduces cooldowns by 20%
BotHandicap1 Increases cooldowns a bit
BotHandicap2 Increases cooldowns a bit more
HideHealthBar Hides health bar (not on the UI though)
BreakStealth Forces invisible people to become visible
AllTeleportSpeedOn Reduces teleportation time, but breaks the animation
StopMovement Prevents movement
StopBotMovement Prevents movement (there may or may not be minor differences with StopMovement)
LevelDamageBuff Increases damage by 50%
LevelDamageDebuff Decreases damage by 50%
TutorialLockTeleport Prevents teleportation
LevelGravity Increases gravity
LevelHoming Makes all your bullets homing
LevelInvulnerable Makes you invulnerable
LevelJumpBoost Increases jump height by 50%
LevelKnockback Adds a knockback aura
LevelRandom Adds a random pickup effect
LevelShield Adds a 50% shield
LevelStealth Makes you go into stealth (duration bar does not show duration accurately)
LevelSpeed Increases speed by 50%
Sticky Reduces friction, making the ground slippery as ice
DummyStrong Makes creepDummy larger and increases HP to 100100
CocoonON Transforms character into a cocoon
CaptureMode Displays an arrow pointing to a spawned creepFlag
HasBeenTriggered Allows movement when enabled for creepFlag
DontDropGold Prevents solar from dropping on the playfield when killed
tutorialBoss Removes idle and walking animations (but not shooting or jumping) when given to a solar boss