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animationCurveEditor[ | ]


When you click an option like "Position" the little box above may appear. This is the animationCurveEditor and it allows you to animate the selected value. This can be used for example to make an object move, change it's color over time, etc.

Defining how the animation change[ | ]

There's 4 boxes on the top that will define how the value will change

No animation[ | ]

The first box is the default option. The value will not be animated.

Saw Saw animation[ | ]

Move from the two values at the same speed

Curve Sine wave[ | ]

Starts up slow an speeds up to your set speed then ends slowly before restarting

Pulse Pulse Animation[ | ]

The animation will jump between two values.

Strength[ | ]

Determines how much the value will be changed. For instance if you set it to "0.5" the value will move from "value - 0.5" to "value + 0.5"

PeriodMin and PeriodMax[ | ]

Affects the speed. (How much time it takes for it to move from point A to point B). The biggest the 2 values, the slower the animation will be.

PeriodMin is the minimum amount of time it will take for the object to sway back and forth once.

PeriodMax is the maximum amount of time it will take for the object to sway back and forth once.

CentreOffset[ | ]

Can only be set between 0-1 and controls which way the the object will move.

-0-0.4: Starts on left side, moves right till max distance is reached and moves back to the starting position at a varying speed.

-0 is Instant while 0.1-4 are faster speeds than the set speed.

-0.6-1: Are the opposite of the above.

-0.5: Just makes it move back and forth at the same speed.

StartTime[ | ]

The time at which the animation will start.

WaitTime[ | ]

Sets the time to start again once the animation is completed.