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Shop icons crumple skill c upgrade f Arnel Swertsenek Training Video [edit] Item 5 solar 210

Increases the damage of Iron Slam for every 'naut hit in quick succession up to a cap. Resets when no naut is hit for a while.

Teaches you the famous Arnel Dumbbell Press and much more in this extended cut!

Upgrade Lv1
Damage +8%
Damage cap 24%
Reset 1s

Arnel Swertsenek Training Video is an upgrade for IconcharactercrumpleDeadlift's UI Skillbutton Crumple AttackIron Slam.

Description[ | ]

Increases the damage of Iron Slam by 8% everytime Deadlift hits an enemy Awesomenaut. This effect is capped at 24% extra damage and is lost if Deadlift spends 1 second without hitting any enemy Awesomenaut.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This upgrade is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger.[1]

References[ | ]