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Attack modifiers are a type of buff that alters the next autoattack or ability if certain conditions are met.

List of Attack Modifiers[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorHookcantUI Skillbutton Captain ShootDoublePool Boy (Extra damage upon switching weapons)

Ayla[ | ]

Shop Icons Vampire skill b upgrade eFiery Jawbreakers (Adds a Gravity effect upon successfully landing Evil Eye)

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

Avatar Skillbutton 136One Armed Chameleon (Special shot after using an ability)

Clunk[ | ]

Upgrade Clunk Salvo value packSalvo Value Pack (Double missiles after successfully landing an ability on an Awesomenaut)

Dizzy[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Attack ProcGraffiti Artist (Extra damage upon successfully landing an ability)

Froggy G[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Dasher AttackburstMutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition (Extra damage upon successfully landing an ability)

Genji[ | ]

Shop icons butterfly skill c upgrade cStorm Drum (Special shot with a set cooldown)

Ix[ | ]

Shop Icons Shifter skill c upgrade dnewLuxor's Purest Crystal (Extra damage with an active Psionic Bond)

Shop Icons Shifter skill c upgrade fnewPrismatic Moonstone Dust (Leaves a damaging trail every third Radiate)

Jimmy And The Lux5000[ | ]

Avatar Skillbutton 137Steel Boxing Gloves (Grants a Shield on third hit after using an ability)

Leon Chameleon[ | ]

Upgrade Leon Surprise party maskSurprise Party Mask (Extra damage when breaking stealth with Slash)

Upgrade Leon Clover of honourClover of Honour (Extra damage every 2nd Slash)

Max Focus[ | ]

Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade e copy Addresses of the Stars! (Extra damage when not firing Flood Light for two seconds)

Nibbs[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Blinker AttackStun Chilas Wax Candle (Slowing attack when at zero Frenzy charges)

Penny Fox[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Foxy Strike RangedDeath Lens (Special ranged shot after landing Energy Pulse)

UI Skillbutton Foxy Strike RangedSpiderbird Collector Badge (Ranged attack when at 4 or more charges)

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

Avatar Skillbutton 134Quark Microscope (Extra attack speed for the next 10 attacks upon picking up a health pack)

Raelynn[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Hunter AttackNEXTSHOTHC-Bomb (Extra damage upon using Timerift)

Qi'Tara[ | ]

Shop Icons qitara skill c upgrade b (Attack becomes ranged after landing Chakram Shift on an enenmy Awesomenaut)

Rocco[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Wozzle FrostArrow0Avatar Skillbutton 138Vengeance (No movement reduction penalty while shooting and slowing arrows)

Sentry X-58[ | ]

Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 5Drive-Over Skulls (Extra damage after not firing for a few seconds)

Scoop of Justice[ | ]

Shop Icons Paladin skill c upgrade dTitanium Coneshield (Extra damage when below a certain amount of health)

Skree[ | ]

Shop icons shaman skill c upgrade 4Ceremonial Mask (Every two seconds, Lightning Rod can hit all nearby enemies)

Snork Gunk[ | ]

Shop icons gladiator skill b upgrade eCockle Multiball (Knockback on Conch Dunk while Shell Bombs are active)

Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade cTear Gas (Special shot with a set cooldown)

Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade eAction Gloves (Extra damage after successfully landing Shell Bombs)

Ted McPain[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Commando AttackRifleSnipeTedris Ville (Special Machine Gun shot when not firing for 3 seconds)

Vinnie & Spike[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Bird ShotnextshotYakoiza (Increased damage upon using an ability)

Voltar[ | ]

UI Skillbutton Summoner Attack New2Chilli Flavoured Eye Drops (Makes the next techno synaptic wave shot 4 times stronger if healing or 3x as strong if dealing damage after not firing techno synaptic wave for 3 seconds)