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Hi, my name's Lazyarmour (or Coupe McCoy on Steam). I made this guide because I saw all of my friends focus more on Ayla's Evil Eye, but I prefered Rage. Rage, when fully built, deals 50 damage per sencond that the enemy is in your bubble. In addition, you can hit people standing behind turrets. I also like to focus on the chain before Evil Eye to give Ayla more pushing power. This guide was made in patch 1.20.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

==Purchase Order==

Right when you land you want to get your piggy bank and buy Rage and the first tier of Angry Drawings. This gives you 32 damage per second, right off the bat. Ayla's Rage is an incredibly powerful early game weapon, but some would prefer a more modest start with either both abilities or Rage and Solar Tree. All these options work well.

The rest of the build order:

Angry Drawings 2/2 >> Fiery Jawbreakers >> Space Air Max >> Power Pills Light 1/3 >> Evil Eye >> Explosive Neckband 1/2 >> Rip-Apart Bear 1/2 >> Rip-Apart Bear 2/2 >> Power Pills Light 2/3 >> Explosive Neckband 2/2 >> Power Pills Light 3/3 >> Thief Tools 1/2 >> Thief Tools 2/2 >> Sonic Listening Device >> Toothbrush Shank 1/3 >> Toothbrush Shank 2/3 >> Toothbrush Shank 3/3 >> Fake Family Pictures 1/2 >> Fake Family Pictures 2/2 >> Jail Food 1/2 >> Jail Food 2/2

Now, this is my personal build order. Some people may want to get Evil Eye upgrades earlier for more burst or get Chain upgrades for more tower pressure.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

If you went with the more aggressive start (Angry Drawings 1/2) then you want to group with your team in a Hide Area and prepare to jump an unsuspecting enemy. If you have all three team member, you want to attack either one or two enemies. A third enemy would make it hard for Ayla to stay in the fight, due to her extreme squishiness. If you can get into a 1v1 early on (Against someone that doesn't a lot of health) you would probably win. Other than early game tips, all I can tell you is keep your rage on in fights and use your Evil Eye to escape, engage a fight or finish a fight.

Good Luck,

Lazyarmour (Coupe McCoy)