Awesomenauts Wiki

Purchase Order / Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Solar tree: Must

Rage: Does 24 dmg/sec to every enemy in range, and heals 8/sec per enemy in range

Evil Eye: Does 50 burst damage and slows 30% at 50% health (3 bars or 62 health), and does 40 burst damage and slows 20% at 75% health (4.6 bars or 93 health).

Fiery Jawbreakers: Rage now does 30 damage/sec per enemy, and heals 10 health/sec per enemy, and damages you 6.7 health/sec. [Costs 190 Solar]

Tooth Shank: Adds 10.7 damage per upgrade to a total of 82 at 50% health [Costs 155].

Space Air Max: Allows you to move faster +1.6 [Costs 135]

Rip Apart Bear: Takes off 30% damage when in rage mode. A normally 50 dmg shot would only do 35 [Costs 160]

Fake Family Pictures: First upgrade brings 3 bars up to 3.75 bars, or 75 health, Second upgrade brings it up to 4.4 bars or 87 Health [Costs 125]

Angry Drawings: You now do 50 damage/sec per enemy, get healed 16.5 health/sec per enemy, and do 24 damage/sec to yourself [Costs 235]

Fresh Scrubs: Allows you to spam your evil eye, bringing the 7.5 cooldown to 5.5 [Costs 155]

Power Pills Light: At upgrade 3, the 4.4 bars, will now be 5.4 bars, or 108 health, while the highest stage of evil eye, will be at 3.5 bars, or 70 health. '[Costs 135]

The last three are junk for this build, but are good at finishing, since you do more damage to towers and the enemy base.

Play Style and Tips

Introduction[ | ]

It's even in her theme song, "She hits and runs, she's gonna have fun". Time to hit and run! This build works best with agressive comps, a tank, and no healers.

With this build, we are gonna be focusing on a mixture of your Evil Eye, and your Rage. You are gonna be playing with 4 bars of life, so pretty much anything can one-hit you. Caution when fighting against anyone with abilities that can penetrate allies, and especially Leons.

What this playstyle is going to be, is basically turtling behind your teammates, doing massive damage, and harrassing the enemies. Your goal with this build is not nessesarily to get the kills, but rather damage and harass the enemy.

For example, let's say you bring a Skølldir's life down to half and run off. That skølldir will now have to run back to the turret, and grab a health powerup, wasting the enemies health powerups. If there are no health powerups, he will actually need to callback all the way. On the other hand, if he doesn't run back, your allies will now easily be able to burst-kill him, and probably will when you aren't looking.

Play style[ | ]

You are squishy early game. Stay with your team mates, and stay behind them. Always keep your health at 4 bars of health. This will allow you to survive most heavy burst shots, such as Raelynn's sniper shot, but still give you the 75% health damage evil eye, or late-game when you have your powerups, 4 bars of health will give the 50% health damage on evil eye.

'Remember, always look at your minimap, before using your Evil Eye offencivly. You don't want to be ambushed without your evil eye. 'Avoid any enemies with burst damage, unless they have already used their burst abilites.

When your teammates get attacked by an enemy, jump up and shoot your Evil Eye down at them, making sure that you don't go far enough in that they can kill you. Try to predict where they will be, when your Evil Eye hits them. It wont cause much damage, until you get the damage upgrades for it, but once you do, it will do a whopping XX damage. This will cause your enemies to either flea, or get killed by a team-mate's next attack.

Once you get the Fiery Jawbreaker powerup, if at any point, the enemies clumps together with their droids, wait until they use their bursts, then swoop in with your rage. The healing will greatly out-play their damage. You will be healed 10/sec per enemy, while you do 30 dmg/sec (Without Fiery Jawbreaker you will be healed 8/sec per enemy, and do 24 dmg/sec,). When the droids are dead, or the enemies split up, rush behind your teammates, who will then go in for the rest of the kills.

Once you get the Rip-apart bear upgrades, you wont be as reliant on your team to keep you safe, but you should still stay close to them.

Also, destroy any creeps you see, as they not only heal you, but it also puts pressure on the enemy. When you've killed all the enemies, push push push!

When Getting Ambushed[ | ]

If you get ambushed, throw your Evil Eye at the enemy, and jump into your rage. Move to the nearest creeps while in your ball, to get the extra 20 heal/sec. You should hopefully be able to outplay him, by dodging his stuff. Dodging in Rage mode: When you are attacking an enemy naut, always fly left and right through the enemy, so they have a harder time hitting you. Always stay just above the enemy naut, as it will be harder for them to hit you when they have to jump for you too.

Pro tips[ | ]

Avoid enemies with high burst damage, unless it's on cool down. always look at your minimap, before using your Evil Eye offencivly. You don't want to be ambushed without your evil eye.

Don't face-tank turrets.

Tell your team-mates that they should often let you kill the creeps, as it heals you.

In some places, you can be under the platform, and damage enemies ontop. Use this to kill unsuspecting enemies with low health, to kill creeps, and to damage enemies from a safe distance.

Co-ordinate with your teammates, so there is always someone defending the turrets, and only really push when you are all there to attack. If someone recalls, or dies, fall back with your team and defend your turrets.

Try to stay on low health, so you can easily throw a high-damage Evil Eye at the enemies, when they are getting a bit to close to your team.

When you don't really have any targets near-by, throw your evil eyes at the towers. Learn the exact range you can hit the turrets with. With enough practice, you can throw them at the turret, and take minimal damage or no damage at all.--Olivebates (talk) 01:02, 1 December 2013 (UTC)