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Purchase Order / Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Rage > Evil Eye > Solar Tree: 'Space Air Max > 'Angry Drawings > Rip-apart bear > 'Toothbrush Shank > Fresh Scrubs > Fake Family Pictures > 'Power Pills Light > 'Ion Blowtorch > Thief Tools > Explosive Neckband

Piggy bank, Rage, Evil Eye: The three basic elements to any good Ayla build.

Fiery Jawbreakers: Must have, when doing a Rage-build. It gives a full extra hit per second, bringing your damage from 24 dmg/sec, to 30 dmg/sec.

Space Air Max (movement speed): This is optional, but recommended. In a few cases you can skip this early game, and buy it later when needed.

Space Air Max, Angry Drawings, Rip-apart bear: As a beginner, you will want to buy them in that order, as it is the easiest way to do it, but also giving the maximum damage output. Later on, when you are more experienced, you can start to look at the enemy comp. This is exactly where you need to pick the right things to counter the enemies. For example Tanks and healers are generally slow. So waiting with buying the Space Air Max until they do, would be a good idea. If you are playing against a highly aggressive comp, such as Coco, Leon, and Ayla, you might want to buy Rip-apart bear first then Space Air Max.

Toothbrush Shank, Fresh Scrubs, Fake Family Pictures: These upgrades are great late game, because it will let you rush-destroy the enemy turrets that remain. It will also help greatly, when fighting enemies, as they will have a lot of upgrades themselves too. Remember to use Third Eye with caution, and use it mainly to escape.

Power Pills Light: This is mainly so you can more easily play with half life, so your evil eye does more damage.

Ion Blowtorch, Thief Tools, Explosive Neckband: Buying them in this order, will give you the maximum amount of damage. This is mainly for late-game, when you just need to rush to destroy their base.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Introduction[ | ]

This playstyle will require teammates who know what they are doing. It works best with an aggressive comp, a tank, and a whole lot of awarness and concetration. Make sure you tell your team mates that they need to attack first, where after you will come in and rape them.

Low on health[ | ]

This style of play will require you to always know your health, so you know when to escape. If you get low on health, do not get out of your rage, until you are a safe distance from the enemies range. Your ball will keep you alive. It takes 30% of the damage, and heals you when you are touching the enemies.

Try to get behind your teammates, so they can body-block the enemy from attacking you.

If there is no escape, always go for the droids. The more enemies you are damaging, the more you heal. Wait for the opportune moment to escape.

Tactics[ | ]

An important part with any naut, is to always look at the minimap When you are attacking an enemy naut, always fly left and right through the enemy, so they have a harder time hitting you. Always stay just above the enemy naut, as it will be harder for them to hit you when they have to jump for you too.

Early game[ | ]

You are not powerful at this stage of the game, and you are squishy. Stay with your team mates, and stay behind them. When your teammates start attacking someone, jump up and shoot your Third Eye down at them, then use your rage to kill them. But always let your allies attack first, and make sure the enemy naut has used all their bust damage abilities before attacking. Also, destroy any creeps you see, as they not only heal you, but it also puts pressure on the enemy. When you've killed all the enemies, push push push!

If your group gets ambushed, be the first to get into your ball. If you and your teammates are high on life, fly into the attacker, while your teammates kill them.

Always be carful. You can get one-shot killed at anytime, from a enemy with burst damage. Be especially on the lookout for Leons. Remember that you can at any time use your Third Eye to escape.

Mid game[ | ]

Once you have your ball fully upgraded, you will easily be able to scare enemies off. By now, you should be able to go out and solo, though it's not recommended unless you constantly check your minimap for oncoming enemy ambushes. Always be carful. You can get one-shot killed at anytime, from a enemy with burst damage. Be especially on the lookout for Leons.

Try to stay with your team-mates, and push to the towers. Now that you are upgrading your Third Eye, you can do much more damage to the towers, and easily kill the enemies that are chasing after you when you're low on health.

If the enemy team is clumping together with their droids, after they use their burst-damage abilities, you will easily be able to just fly into them and kill them. Your heal output will be so high, that they can't even kill you (Unless they burst damage).

Late game[ | ]

Now you are well-prepared, and ready to destroy their base. Always bring your team with you, when going to their base. Make sure to kill them, before you start to kill the base, otherwise you will get trapped, or ambushed by burst. Try to stay on their side of the map with your team, and if someone recalls, fall back and defend.

Pro tips[ | ]

Avoid enemies with high burst damage, unless it's on cool down. Always check your minimap for any enemies that might ambush you, before you use your evil eye. You never want to be ambushed, without your Third Eye to defend/escape.

Don't face-tank turrets.

Tell your team-mates that they should often let you kill the creeps, as it heals you.

In some places, you can be under the platform, and damage enemies ontop. Use this to kill unsuspecting enemies with low health, to kill creeps, and to damage enemies from a safe distance.

Co-ordinate with your teammates, so there is always someone defending the turrets, and only really push when you are all there to attack. If someone recalls, or dies, fall back with your team and defend your turrets.

Try to stay on low health, so you can easily throw a high-damage Third Eye at the enemies, when they are getting a bit to close to your team.

When you don't really have any targets near-by, throw your evil eyes at the towers. Learn the exact range you can hit the turrets with. With enough practice, you can throw them at the turret, and take minimal damage or no damage at all.

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