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Shop Icons qitara skill b upgrade c Baby Plumbmin Oil [edit] Item 5 solar 175

Increases the lifesteal effect of seven star strike.

100% vegetable yellow plumbmin oil. Warning: can contain traces of red and blue plumbmin.

Upgrade Lv1
Lifesteal +15%

Baby Plumbmin Oil is an upgrade for IconQitara Qi'Tara'sUI Skillbutton qitara Flurry Seven Star Strike.

Description[ | ]

Increases the lifestealing effect of seven star strikeby 15% of the damage dealt during the skill, making it 25% lifesteal. This allows Qi'Tara to recover 12.5 health per direct damage strike and 16.25 health per damage over time stack on the target.

Trivia[ | ]

The name and flavor text for this item could be references to Pikmin.[1]

References[ | ]