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Upgrade Leon Backstab blade Backstab Blade [edit] Item 5 solar 160

Adds an extra amount of damage when striking the back of a target with slash.

The backside of the blade is extra sharp.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Backstab Damage +24% +48%

Backstab Blade is an upgrade for Icon Leon Leon Chameleon's UI Skillbutton Chameleon Attack Slash.

Description[ | ]

Slash will deal 24% extra base damage per stage when an enemy target is struck from the back (indicated by a special animation and sound effect), up to a maximum of 48% extra base damage. This damage bonus also applies to Leon's UI Skillbutton Chameleon Stealth Clones which will also deal increased damage when striking an enemy target from the back. However, the damage will still be halved (i.e: Backstab Blade will add 12% damage per stage up to a maximum of 24%).

In-game Look[ | ]


Notes[ | ]

  • If a Turret/Solar Drill is hit from the back with Backstab Blade, the sound effect and animation will play, but no extra damage will be added.