Awesomenauts Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed short freezes once every 5 seconds that some players were experiencing.
  • Smoothened camera movement in second half of first tutorial level

Menus[ | ]

  • UI layout has been rearranged in the profile stats screen.
  • Fixed an issue in which you would enter character select and the character grid would not show.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat would shut down after selecting a portrait or medal.We are aware that there are still issues with chat disappearing in combination with use of the medal/portrait selection screen.
  • The in-game prompt to take a look at the skill help popup will no longer be shown if your controls aren’t set up to have a button bound to opening this popup.
  • Fixed that the F1 menu would show wrong text lines on the blue team for certain nauts.
  • Golden duck medal is now legendary.
  • Prestige level 10 medal is now legendary.
  • Fixed missing localisation for the tooltip on the Activate Droppod button.
  • Double arrow removed when using controller in overview mode in armory naut browser.
  • Blocked slider bars are now easier to control with a controller (in Custom Games settings).
  • Armory now remembers whether you last viewed characters in overview mode or in normal mode.
  • Backstories with short stories won’t interfere with the controller location anymore.

Sorona[ | ]

  • Fixed Sorona bottom turret health, these were changed accidentally in 4.0.

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

  • Shoot voice lines now trigger more consistently across all skins.

Jimmy and the LUX5000[ | ]

  • Fixed that the heal numbers for Nano Repair Bots were negative instead of positive.

Professor Yoolip[ | ]

  • Using the Remote Controlled Whisk upgrade will now correctly show the size of the damage area.

Skree[ | ]

  • Fixed that Ceremonial Mask was able to proc multiple times in quick succession.

AI editor[ | ]

  • StartCameraSequence now plays the camera movement much more smoothly.