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Shop Icons Wozzle skill b upgrade e Chicken Grill [edit] Item 5 solar 175

Adds an additional arrow to your rapid arrows.

"Chicks dig a brown tan!" - Gustavo Pollos the famous actor of the tv show "Breaking Eggs".

Upgrade Lv1
Arrows +1
Damage -27%

Chicken Grill is an upgrade for IconCharacterWozzle001 Rocco'sUI Skillbutton Wozzle FireArrow0 Rapid Arrows.

Description[ | ]

Adds one more arrow to Rapid Arrows shots, but decreases their overall damage by 27%, making it 3 arrows that deal 35.4 damage each.

In-game look[ | ]


Trivia[ | ]

The flavor text for this item is a reference to Gus Fring[1] and the TV series Breaking Bad[2].

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