Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Hyper Bolas

Sticky Bomb/Nitro Boost [edit]
Throw a sticky bomb that attaches to enemies and walls and detonates after a few seconds. While on your bike, this skill becomes nitro boost, which grants a movement speed boost for a brief period of time.
Sticky Bomb Damage 400 (628)
Sticky Bomb Time 3s
Sticky Bomb Cooldown 9.5s
Nitro Boost Movement Speed +75%
Nitro Boost Duration 1s
Nitro Boost Cooldown 12s

UI Skillbutton Hyper Attack

Double Pistol/Bike Blaster [edit]
Shoot two successive shots which deal damage. When on the bike, this becomes bike blaster, a directional shot.
Double Pistol Damage 46 (72.22)
Double Pistol Attacks per second 4
Bike Blaster Damage 58 (91.06)
Bike Blaster Attacks per second 6

UI Skillbutton Hyper JumpBike

Hyper Bike/Turret [edit]
Step on your bike to drive into combat with increased speed and a directional shot. Use the skill again to deploy your bike as a rapid shooting turret. Hold the skill button to either remote destroy your turret or mount it again when close. While on the bike your other skill becomes nitro boost.
Turret Damage 66 (103.62)
Turret Health 600 (1056)
Turret attacks per second 2.5
Cooldown (self-destruct) 5s
Cooldown (destroyed) 10s

UI Skillbutton Hyper Jump

Dramatic Entrance High Jump/Hyper Bike Hover [edit]
Dramatic Entrance High Jump when on foot. Hovers around when on his bike.
Jump Height 7.6
Jumps 1