Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Double Pistol is a surprisingly weak brawling tool, so you should only be fighting on foot while near your Hyper Bike.
  • Sticky Bombs will still explode even if they miss, turning them into mild area denial. This can be augmented with upgrades like Black Mail and Zork Industries Share Certificate.
  • Sticky Bombs not only stick to enemies, but also the terrain. Sticking it to the front of a Turret while pushing can scare enemies away.
  • If an enemy is hit with Sticky Bomb, don't worry about finishing them off. Just get their health low enough so that the bomb will kill them and move onto a different target.
  • Nitro Boost isn't a normal charge: you actually have move in order to benefit from it. Beware of snares and stuns, as these will make Nitro Boost useless.
  • You can use your Turret to reveal what's inside hide areas.
  • If you plan on leaving your Hyper Bike behind and not using the turret, it might be a good idea to detonate it so that the bike is always available if needed.
  • Keep an eye on the mini-map when you're away from your Hyper Bike. If you suspect enemies are about to destroy it, you should detonate to reduce the bike's cooldown.
    • If enemies are attacking your Hyper Bike frequently, you can use BOOM Gas to discourage them.
  • Mounting your Hyper Bike and re-deploying it as a turret will spawn it at full health, so be sure to get on if you see it's injured.
  • If you're having trouble pushing lanes, try using The Koi-Robbers. It turns your Bike Blaster into an effective droid clearing tool.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Follow up on Chucho's Sticky Bomb to ensure that it scores a kill. It does less damage on its own than you might expect.
  • Try to protect Chucho's Hyper Bike. Not only is it useful as a turret, he might need it available to make an escape.
    • Alternatively, if you need backup and Chucho left it behind, fall back to it, to have some help against your enemies.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • If an ally is hit with Sticky Bomb, back away. The bomb still explodes in an AoE.
    • Alternatively, don't go near your friends while you have a bomb stuck to you.
  • Skills that provide you with invunerability, shields, healing and lifesteal effects can all help you survive a Sticky Bomb.
  • Chucho is very mobile on his Hyper Bike but rather slow on foot. Punish him with your harder-to-land skills when he dismounts to throw a Sticky Bomb.
  • Nitro Boost can be activated while Chucho is snared, but he still won't be able to move. Try to snare him if you suspect he's about to boost away. This will waste his cooldown.
    • Likewise, stuns and snares will force him to stop moving even if he's in the middle of a Nitro Boost.
  • When One Armed Chameleon is active, Chucho's missing eye (or other part of his head depending on the skin) and guns will glow purple.
  • It's usually a good idea to try to destroy Chucho's Hyper Bike, as this puts his escape on a lengthy cooldown. However, beware of BOOM Gas if you're a melee 'Naut.