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This build may be similar to other builds, but this highly minimizes the damage taken during combat. It focuses on snaring the enemy with Vacuum Bite (to keep them still), then Exploding in their faces before they can do anything. Having extra solar at the start of the match (Piggy Bank ) helps reduce the chances of early death, seeing as how you can still do a lot of damage to the enemy, after buying both Bite and Explode, scaring them away quickly (or just killing them).

Having lower health than other Clunks, may seem like a disadvantage at first, but by snaring them, then blowing up on them, you can still do roughly half their health unscathed (depending on the upgrades you have), and finish them off with Bite (which has a fairly quick cooldown), alongside Missiles (or just scare them away from the sudden damage).

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Vacuum Bite : Quick'n Cleaner , Medical Pump , Screamer Engine

Explode : Thermonuclear Cleaner , Titanium Hard Hat , Grease Lightning Snail /Universal Charger

Missiles : Anything

Other: Space Air Max , Piggy Bank , Power Pills Turbo

Purchase Order[ | ]

  • Piggy Bank
  • Screamer Engine (x2)
  • Thermonuclear Cleaner (x2)
  • Space Air Max
  • Medical Pump
  • Titanium Hard Hat
  • Medical Pump
  • Titanium Hard Hat
  • Power Pills Turbo (x3)
  • Universal Charger/Grease Lightning Snail (x2)
  • Quick'n Cleaner (x2)
  • Missile Upgrades

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

This build mainly consists of snaring the foe with Vacuum Bite + Screamer Engine, and then straight away exploding right in their face to deal the real damage. After fully upgrading Explode in damage, taking enemies out will be a breeze (unless they have fairly high health, for example Derpl , Clunk, and possibly Skølldir). If this does not take out the enemy they should be at reletively low health, at which point you can finish them off. If the enemy happens to be a Clunk who has gone all out on Power Pills, then they should be at roughly half health or less. This is when you can finish them off by spamming Bite, and if it drags on long enough, use the Snare-Explode tactic again to help them to heaven.