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This Self-Destruct based build is made to fit all your exploding needs. Clears lanes, controls team fights, and decimates turrets and bases. You will have lower health than most other Clunks and be a big target for the enemy but the trade off for the destruction you can cause is well worth it so pick your moments to strike carfully and capitalize on crowded opponents.

Having the Piggy Bank is important so you can start the game off wth both Bite and Self-Destruct. Nixing the Piggy Bank for the second health upgrade has proven to be useful but you will be a bit gimped at first. With both of his abilities from the start Clunk can charge head first into those pre spawn team fights and rough some folks up thanks to that oh so potent explosion-bite combo. If things get too dicey and you had the foresight to start running you can chow down on some neutral creeps to regain health quickly.

For your next two get a point in Titanium hard hat and movment speed. These will help your survivability. From then on out you'll want to spend your solar on maxing out Self-Destruct with some max health here and there. If you feel like Bite needs something extra throw a Quick'n cleaner or The suckanator power 9000 cleaner in there but really try to focus on Self-Destruct as much as you can.

Loadout[ | ]

Bite: Quick'n cleaner, Medical pump, The suckanator power 9000 cleaner or Screamer engine

Self-Destruct: Thermonuclear cleaner,Titanium hard hat, Reactor cooler

Missile: Whats a missile?

Standard Upgrades: Health upgrade, Movment speed, Piggy Bank or Large Health upgrade

Junkheap 13:25, May 11, 2012 (UTC)