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UI Skillbutton Tank Lifesteal

Vacuum Bite [edit]
Being a giant robot requires a lot of energy. Luckily, Clunk has a powerful set of metal jaws that allow him to take a bite out of almost everything. His iron stomach takes whatever comes in, and quickly converts it to raw health.
Damage 300 (471)
Cooldown 5s
Lifesteal 100%
Range 4.2

UI Skillbutton Tank Attack1

Missiles [edit]
Slow-loading but very powerful: Clunks' missiles are very useful to get rid of obstructions when he just wants to blow up in someone's face.
Damage 120 (188.4) | 140 (219.8) | 180 (282.6)
Attack Speed 60
Range 9.4
Speed 8
Homing 0

UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate

Explode [edit]
Clunk was designed to be a suicide attacker, later fitted with armor powerful enough to survive his own explosion. Clunk now happily takes a bit of damage to blow away his enemies!
Damage 500 (785)
Self Damage 300 (471)
Cooldown 13.5s
Explosive Size 9
Charge Time 1.5s

UI Skillbutton Tank Jump

Jet Boost [edit]
Similar to white male humans, giant combat robots can't jump. To compensate, Clunk was outfitted with a powerful jet engine that lets him fly for short distances.
Jump Height 13.6
Jump Duration 1.1s
Jumps 1