Awesomenauts Wiki

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Lighting Ball:

Gyroscopic Dynamo / Not Necessary / Not Necessary


Silver Coating / Syphon Disruptor / Not Necessary


Static Gloves / Flexible Heat Sinks / Power Gloves


Power Pills Turbo / Space Air Max / Piggy Bank

Alternatives instead of Space Air Max as for destroying turrets you don't really need to move that fast.

1. Power Pills - That free +40 health bonus can come in handy for both surviving and saving a few coins.

2. Solar Tree - If you see that your games are usually not that short as initialy planned you could try picking this for extra coins.

3. Med-i'-can - It's not cheap but with both upgrades the turrets will barely damage you, even without the minions.

Purchase Order[ | ]

(Recommended to pick at least 35 solars on Drop)

-Piggy Bank

-Boots / Alternative

-Lighting Ball

(Walk around to gather solar before minions get to middle)

-Health (1/3)

-Static Gloves (1/3)

-Static Gloves (2/3)

-Static Gloves (3/3)

-Flexible Heat Sinks (FHS) (1/2)

-Flexible Heat Sinks (FHS) (2/2)

-Power Gloves (1/3)

-Health (2/3)

-Health (3/3)

(By this time, you might have finished, but if not, continue buying as follows)

-Power Gloves (2/3)

-Power Gloves (3/3)

-Gyroscopic Dynamo (LB Cooldown Reduction)


-Silver Coating (Every Upgrade)

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

-Do not focus on killing: You are indeed strong as a Melee character with this build, but don't go chasing unless you are totally sure you can secure a kill.

-Fight turrets: If you already have all health upgrades and turret damage upgrades, you will take about 51 per sec to a turret. fight them one on one even without minions, you can chunk half their HP (if undefended) and run to safety with low-mid hp.

-Change buying order if necessary: If you notice you can't survive with just one HP upgrade, leave attack speed for later and focus on HP.