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Hello everybody, Puddingskin is here with a new build for you! 1.18 brought us a lot of changes for Coco, all of which put her back up to the better tiers, so I say that this is a good time for me to finally post my Coco build, refined for 1.18. This is my usual meta build, and will be updated through the patches. This build uses a combination of all of your abilities to utilize both damage, utility, and pushing power.

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Here's the load-out template of this build, courtesy of 'NautsBuilder!

Now, let's talk upgrades and reasonings~

Lightning Ball: Damage on Lightning Ball? Yes. Cooldown? You can actually swap this for whatever you please, I prefer cooldown. This is the only expendable upgrade in this row, though, so I would not recommend knock-back or blind due to their dependence on speed+range/cooldown. Range on LB is very good with heavenly fire, but I simply find cooldown more useful with my play style.
Blaze: Silver coating makes me smile. It help make up for the fact that we don't take boots in this build, and is just an amazing upgrade in general. Chuck's Board is for utilizing Heavenly Fire and it's just a good upgrade in general for blaze. Syphon Disruptor gives blaze good utility as well, and makes Heavenly Fire all the more annoying.
Shock: Damage+Attack Speed is pretty meta and self explanatory, I feel. Super conductor is a prime part of this build, as it's a fairly cheap upgrade that is great for starting up a melee build, and it gives you two somethings that all other Shock upgrades just don't: Range and homing. It has fantastic utility because of that, and helps to remedy the problems that Coco has about her melee mechanics. It's great, but unfortunatly this means that this row has minimal versatility. That is to say, almost none.
Utility: This build is up-in-your-face, so health is most definitely a good idea. Regen is just generally good in all aspects, and it's pretty darn meta right now, especially seeing as how this build does not use lifesteal. Solar tree? Still good. It's proven to still be effective for me, and even with Cocos price cuts and improved scaling, this build takes a while to get started. You could take Piggy Bank, but I don't find that there's anything particularly worthwhile to rush on her. Although, rushing Super Conductor or Heavenly Fire is not a bad idea at all.

Purchase Order[ | ]

The reason I didn't include the build order in the 'NautBuilder is because this build is very versatile in build order. It's mostly up to you to determine how to build it, but I will give you some information to help you:

Getting base Lightning Ball is always a good idea, as it gives you good base burst and utility. After that, I usually get Heavenly Fire and cooldown. After that? Well, that's where the wibbly and wobbly comes in. There are three main routs that you can go; Build into Lightning Ball Damage, Build into Blaze damage, or build into Blaze CC and melee damage. But you should know that the first melee upgrade you want is to max out is Super Conductor, for the reasons mentioned above. And when building into Ball Damage or Blaze damage (or any combination of the two), you should do it in a manner that allows you for a 'grace period', which will be explained later.
I can tell you that the map, your teammates, and your enemies will definitely determine which build 'path' is correct to use in that situation. But that's the magic of this build; it's so versatile!

Stats and Numbers[ | ]

Let's talk about Lightning Ball! The base damage of a Lightning Ball is 40, and it can be boosted up to 67 damage with a fully upgraded Voltage Amplifier. This can be bumped further to 82 damage if you take Heavenly Fire. If you max out Chuck's Board, then one Lightning Ball can do a whopping 102 damage over about two seconds. If you're able to lie down some Blaze(ability) on the enemy after they took that Lightning Ball, then you can do 137 damage in about four to five seconds(Blaze does 35 damage max), all of this coupled with the slow on Blaze and the knockback utility given from Lightning Ball.

Now, let's talk about Shock Attack! Your base Shock attack does 18 DPS. Fully upgraded Static Gloves and Flexible Heat Sinks gives you 55 DPS, which is quite high. And if you get yourself a fully upgraded Super Conductor, then you can tak on another 13 DPS to that, giving you 68 DPS, which is quite cray-cray. 

If you can use a combonation of Blaze, Lightning Ball, Heavenly Fire, and Shock, then you're able to maintain an incredible amount of both burst, DOT, and DPS, making late-game Coco quite scary and giving you the ability to easily take down enemies in one fell swift.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

1. Grace periods. "Grace period" is the term that I use for the period of time in a match when you can take out droids with one use of an ability. Droids start with 55 health, and level up every six minutes to gain +15 health, so you can achieve your grace period by getting Heavenly Fire before those first six minutes are up. This can be further extended to twelve minutes if you get two stages of Voltage amplifier after that. This can be even further extended if you max out Chuck's Board, giving Coco one of the longest grace periods of all characters. So, why are grace periods important? Because, they are the ideal time to farm creeps and get the advantage that you need for mid-game. If you are constantly laning, then that means that you will easily be able to set up pushes and can net yourself a lot of money.
2. Constant lane presence. This is not as strong for Coco when compared to other characters, but it's mostly good and will get the job done. Using a Lightning Ball within your grace period already clears out one droid wave, and you can use the direct Blaze skill to lay some hurt on other droid waves with a combonation of that and Shock. If you took cooldown on Lightning Ball, then you should have it up again for the next droid wave, allowing you to hold good control of a map's lanes.
3. Blaze-Trapping. Blaze is an ability that you leave behind you, so it's important that you know how to apply it well. For starters, when an enemy is up in the air and is about to fall, apply Blaze in all of the places that they could land. When an enemy is on the ground, create a circle of Blaze around them. Use Blaze to create walls, area denial, and set up traps. When using a high-traffic bouncy pad, activate blaze right before you use it to doom all who dare to go up there and create an extremely long are denial. All of this is much easier to do with Silver Coating, by the way.
4. Knockback usage. Lightning ball has a good knock-back when used right, and if you take the upgrade for it... Dang, son. But using this effectively, and not screwing yourself or your team over with it is important. When in the position to do so, try to knock an enemy into your team for a Insta-Gank(tm) by detonating Lightning Ball behind them. Want an enemy away from you? Do the exact opposite and save your sweet behind! Knock them up into the air, into dangers (worm, solar boss) and create area denial! Super utility a-go!
5. To be added....

Thanks for reading, guys! If you have any feedback, I'm totally down!
Have fun with this build, and something Totally Tubular(tm) is coming to this build's way soon!