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Back Story[edit | edit source]

Hailing from a psyonic race near the outer brim of the galaxy, comes Coco Nebulon, the cosmic waveblazer. Coco rides her combat waveboard into battle, using her psyonic powers to subdue her adversaries. Why Coco fights in the war is a bit unclear, as no-one can really understand her when she talks.

Excerpt from her spacelog: "It's just like, dude, I was cruisin' the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular, space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man. And, you know, like, when I was, like, you know, like acing these waves once, there was like this giant robot corporation that wanted to make like these waves like into a giant galactic like battlefield you know? And I was all like, oh man, that's so un-gnarly dude. But those robots were all like 10100111001 or whatever. So I was all like, yeah but ok, you know? And then these robots were all like, ohh we have to fight each other. And they were like shooting lasers at eachother man. And I was like, man, I gotta fight, you know, like totally with these robots against the other robots because it's like, you know, whatever."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Killing spree theme lyrics[edit | edit source]

Surfing, surfing in space. (x12)

Voice actress: Claire King

Taunts[edit | edit source]

▶️"You are totally going down!"

▶️"I'm taking all you posers out!"

▶️"Get ready for some gnarly moves!"

▶️"Shut up, no way!"

▶️"Yeah right, as if!"

▶️"You can't be, like, serious!"


Help[edit | edit source]

▶️"So, okay, I-I totally need a hand!"

▶️"Help me out, dude!"

▶️"OH MY GOD!"

▶️"Umm, some help or... something?"

Attack[edit | edit source]





Defend[edit | edit source]





Teleporting[edit | edit source]

▶️"Catch you guys later!"

▶️"Bailing out for a sec!"

▶️"Hang tight, be right back!"

Purchase[edit | edit source]

▶️"Like, all these really shiny things!"

▶️"Shopping spree!"

▶️"Woh! So much stuff!"

Chosen[edit | edit source]



▶️"Get ready for some gnarly moves!"

▶️"Time for some bodacious action!"

Drop Pod In[edit | edit source]

▶️"Cowabunga, losers!"

▶️"I'm stoked. Totally..."


▶️"Time for some bodacious action!"

Killing Blow[edit | edit source]

▶️"Eat it, lame-o!"

▶️"Total wipeout!"

▶️"That was AWESOME!"


Killing Spree[edit | edit source]



▶️"I'm smoking!"

Being Hit[edit | edit source]

▶️"Ow! What the?"




▶️"Oh, no!"




On Death[edit | edit source]


▶️"Eeh! I'm, like, dying, man!"

▶️"This is totally not what I... uh"

▶️"Ah, I'm going down..."

Cyber Coco Quotes[edit | edit source]

Taunts[edit | edit source]

▶️"I'm taking you to the flipside!" - A reference to Kidd Video[1].

▶️"Nobody puts Coco in a corner!" - A reference to Dirty Dancing[2].

▶️"FYI, I don't care!"

▶️"Talk to the cyber glove!" - Possible reference to Terminator 2[3].

▶️"Fat chance, lame-o's!"

Help[edit | edit source]

▶️"My cyber aura is totally fading!"

▶️"Ugh. Requesting support or something."

▶️"Oh man, I'm bugging out!"

▶️"I'm like, going... under!"

Attack[edit | edit source]

▶️"Go go, gadgets!" - A reference to Inspector Gadget[4].

▶️"Showtime! Synergy!" - A refence to Jem[5].

Defend[edit | edit source]

▶️"Dudes! Like, fall back!"

▶️"Bogus vibes! Defend."

Teleporting[edit | edit source]

▶️"Beam me up, S.U.S.I.! WobwobwobwobwobwobWob! - A reference to Star Trek[6].

▶️"I'll like, totally be back!" - Possible reference to Terminator[7].

▶️"Whoops! Batteries are, like, totally running out!"

Purchase[edit | edit source]

▶️"Oh, like, so many gadgets!"

▶️"Oooh discount! Yahoo!"

▶️"Online shopping spreeeeeee!"

▶️"Power level raised to, like, way high!"

Chosen[edit | edit source]

▶️"Surfing through cyberspace." - Possible reference to Coco's own killing spree theme.

▶️"Where I'm going, I won't need roads." - A reference to Back to the Future[8].

▶️"Showtime! Synergy!" - A refence to Jem.

Drop Pod In[edit | edit source]

▶️"In the pipe, five by five!" - A reference to Aliens[9].

Killing Blow[edit | edit source]


▶️"Truly outrageous! Yeah!" - Possible reference to Jem.

▶️"Totally terminated! Hahaha." - Possible reference to Terminator.

▶️"Did I, like, break your concentration?" - A reference to Pulp Fiction[10].

Killing Spree[edit | edit source]

▶️"Wooohooohahaha, shocking spree!"

▶️"Party time, excellent!" - A reference to Wayne's World[11].

▶️"Like, totally shocking!"

Being Hit[edit | edit source]








On Death[edit | edit source]

▶️"I shouldn't even be here!" *Chokes*

▶️"Ah! I like, totally didn't ask for this!" - A reference to Deus Ex: Human Revolution[12].

Wicked Coco Quotes[edit | edit source]

Taunts[edit | edit source]

▶️"Eat lizard, gizzard!" *laughs*

▶️"Talk to the witch hand!" *laughs*

▶️"You messed with the wrong witch, bozo!"

▶️"Whoa, you turned into a newt already?!"

▶️"My evil eye's, like, totally on you!"

Help[edit | edit source]

▶️"Wowsers! Witch in trouble!"

▶️"Right, err... magic's failing!"

▶️"Coming do-oo-oown!"

▶️"Coming down!"

Attack[edit | edit source]

▶️"Put'em on the stake"

▶️"Ok! Spell their doom!"


▶️"Let's put a spell on them!" *laughs*

Defend[edit | edit source]

▶️"Go, like, defend!"

▶️"They're putting us to the torch!"

▶️"Argh, they're putting us to the torch!"


▶️"Bail me outta here!"

Teleporting[edit | edit source]

▶️"Is there like a switch on this?"

▶️"Back to the mansion, dudes!"

▶️"Yikes! A black cat! Oh wait, uh... it's mine!"

Purchase[edit | edit source]

▶️"Ooh, so many rad stuff!"

▶️"They've got the airblaster 4000 with prop-up seats!"

▶️"Awww, moths in my wallet."

▶️"Gotta shop, you know?"

▶️"I totes need a new familiar!"

Chosen[edit | edit source]

▶️"Put'em on the stake"



Drop Pod In[edit | edit source]

▶️"Double, double, totally trouble!" - A reference to Macbeth[13], by William Shakespeare[14].

▶️"It's witchy witching hour!"

▶️"Whoa! broom-a-licious!"

▶️"Is this hat too big on me?"

▶️"To me, my broom! Yeah!"

▶️"Crystal ball, will I meet a hot 'naut today?"


▶️"Straight from spook central, lame-os!"

▶️"Full moon, broom's out, surf's up!"

▶️"My cauldron is bubbling all groovy and nice!"

▶️"For all your cantrip needs. 'nuff said!"

Killing Blow[edit | edit source]

▶️"Put a spell on you!"

▶️"Ha! Frog-butt!"

▶️"Like, I love it!"

▶️"Lemme wipe that for ya!"



▶️"Into my cauldron!"

Killing Spree[edit | edit source]

▶️"This witch is on fire!"

▶️"Oooh, I'm getting wicked scores!"

▶️"Turn around, step on another frog!"

▶️"It's all in the wrist! Oh yeah!"

On Death[edit | edit source]

▶️"I'm, like, meltiiiiiiing!" - A reference to the Wicked Witch of the West[15], from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz[16]

▶️"Witch wasted! Ughhhh..."

▶️"Seriously uncool!"

▶️"No weirding way..."

▶️"Ughhhh... Gross."

Using Ball Lightning[edit | edit source]


▶️"Here it comes!"

▶️"Surfendia!" *laughs*

▶️"Spectral bomb ho!"

Using Blaze[edit | edit source]

▶️"Stardust in your eyes!"

▶️"Later, losers!"

▶️"Fairy dust!" *laughs*


Nauts In-Game Look[edit | edit source]

Character[edit | edit source]

Default Skin.
Default Skin(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)
Coco Hawaii.
Coco Hawaii.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)
Coco McFly (Donated by CrimsonYeti).
Coco McFly(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)
Cyber Coco (Donated by CrimsonYeti).
Cyber Coco(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)
Wicked Coco.
Wicked Coco.

Minimap Icon[edit | edit source]

Ui minimap player blazer 0.png

Scoreboard Icon[edit | edit source]

Classicon Blazer.png

Skin Information[edit | edit source]

Coco Hawaii[edit | edit source]

CharacterRender Blazer Skin Hawaii redBG.png

"Aloha! The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. As the sun sets, you look around, you're on an exotic island, wearing a straw skirt and flowers in your hair. This can be your life if you upgrade now to Hawaii Coco! - Official Steam Store description." - Official Steam Store description.

In this skin, Coco is dressed like a Polynesian hula dancer, with a grass skirt, flowers on her hair tentacles and a flower garland around her neck. Her hoverboard is replaced by a common wooden surfboard that leaves a water trail when she moves around. The flowers on her hair also leave a trail when she moves around.

The pattern inside Ball Lightning is changed.

Coco McFly[edit | edit source]

CharacterRender Coco.png

"Coco has accidentally been sent back to the year 2015 by mad scientist monkey Yuri! 2015... when hoverboards had a weirdly nineteen-eighties-like design! Coco McFly must now find a way to go home in the future! Will she ever get back?" - Official Steam Store description.

In this skin Coco is dressed up like Marty McFly from Back to the Future, complete with jeans, shirt, jacket and tennis shoes. Her goggles are replaced by sunglasses and she has a wristwatch.

The pattern inside Ball Lightning is changed. Her Blaze also gains a fiery effect, similar to the one left by Damage Over Time attacks like Earthquake.

Cyber Coco[edit | edit source]

CharacterRender coco cyborg.png

This skin was awarded to players who donated to the Bronze Coco/Silver Tier or higher, in the Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion Kickstarter campaign. No official description available.

This skin covers Coco in futuristic armor with power gloves and a visor. Her board also looks advanced. Unlike the rest of her skins, Coco has a ponytail on this one.

Ball Lightning has a different look on this skin. New hexagon particle effects are also added to Blaze.

Wicked Coco[edit | edit source]

Coco 005 Wicked.png

Witches were hunted down throughout the middle ages, but one of them managed to escape to a place where the inquisition was unable to follow her: a planet near the outer brim of the universe, called Okeanos. On this world she was finally free to practice her magic. Over time, the Witch traded her trusty broom for a more modern combat waveboard and updated her wardrobe.

Old habits die hard (just like witches, by the way), so on one special day every year the Witch still dons the outfit that she wore so many years ago and visits Earth on her broom. Together with the Earthlings she celebrates their victory over Witchcraft, creepyness, and ghouls... or something. Like, whatever. If only they knew...

This DLC contains a custom skin for Coco in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set! If you have not unlocked the character yet, purchasing this content will do so. - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Coco a witch costume, including a pointy hat with a skull strapped to it, a jacket, a leotard, a belt with a skull buckle, striped socks and pointy shoes. Her hair tentacles are colored green instead of the usual purple and her hoverboard is replaced by a broom and she leaves a faint trail of bats behind whenever she moves. Her skin is colored differently on blue team.

Blaze leaves a more intense bat trail and ball lightning looks like a spinning jack-o'-lantern (which also explodes in a jack-o'-lantern shaped blast). Both skills have unique sound effects.

Being premium, this skin comes with custom voice acting.

Awesomenaut Showcase[edit | edit source]

Wicked Coco Showcase[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Coco and Derpl were the first new characters added to the game in an update. They were released simultaneously.
  • Coco was the first female character added into the game.
  • Shock can be aimed, making Coco the only 'Naut to have an aimable melee autoatack.
  • Coco's style of speech is a parody of the dialect used by people during the 1980s.
  • Coco's voice actress, Claire King, also voiced Derpl Zork's combat walker, S.U.S.I.
  • With five unique skins including the default one, Coco is tied with Leon, Lonestar and Scoop for the most skins in the game.
    • On top of that, Leon and Coco have very similar skin layouts. They both have two premium skins, two regular skins, one kickstarter-exclusive skin, and one skin that won a contest.
  • Coco was one of the two 'nauts to receive a kickstarter-exclusive skin (the other being Leon).
  • The Coco McFly skin was chosen by the community via a FaceBook voting. It received the most votes, beating the other options (Snowco and Wicked Coco). They can be seen below.
    • Wicked Coco was eventually added to the game in a later patch due to community feedback.
Coco McFly along with the other vote options.

References[edit | edit source]