Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Coco can be played as a harasser, focusing on poking enemies with Ball Lightning while using Blaze to keep enemies at bay, or as a fighter, via powerful autoattack upgrades.
  • When autoattacking Droids and turrets, keep in mind that Coco does not stop immediatly after moving. You may end up taking unecessary damage if you are not careful.
  • As with many 'naut, boots will increase Coco's jump height slightly, allowing her to have an easier time reaching certain platforms.
  • With Ball Lightning's natural range and ability to pierce through terrain, you may use it to farm neutral creeps wihout actually going into the jungle areas. This is specially useful on Ribbit IV and Aiguillon.
  • If you manage to launch a Ball Lightning behind your enemy, the explosion will launch him towards you. Use this tactic to throw your enemy at turrets or on your team. Thunder Striker helps with this.
  • Try to surprise your opponents by Ball Lightning at unexpected angles or try to predict their movement and aim it accordingly. It'll probably help you compensate for the projectile's slow speed.
  • Slowing enemies with Blaze makes it easier to land Ball Lightning on them.
  • Silver Coating gives Coco very high mobility, allowing her to escape or chase targets much more effectively.
  • Upon activating Blaze, going through a high-traffic jumppad may cause enemies who are using it to be effected by the blaze. It can also work as short-term area denial.
  • Blaze can be used to create a "barrier" to discourage enemy pursuers that may want to engage you or your allies.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • If Coco is focusing on her autoattack, Crowd Control may help her deal with enemies more easily.
  • Position yourself in a way that, if Coco manages to knock an enemy into your team, you'll be able to quickly follow it up for a kill.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • With high movement speed and an innate slowing effect, Coco may be hard to approach. Try to sneak up on her using hide areas or from above/below and use crowd control to keep her in place.
  • Ball Lightning can pierce through terrain and deal high damage, but it moves slowly. Timing your jumps can help you avoid it.
  • Dying is always worse than retreating. Keep an eye on your health bar and see if you can survive another Ball Lightning. If the answer is no, it is better to retreat and heal.
  • If Coco uses her Silver Coating to quickly join a fight, she just lost a powerful escape tool. Punish her for it.
  • Coco cannot detonate Ball Lightning while silenced or cocooned.