Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • You will automatically charge rockets for your Charged Salvo. Properly timing your attacks allows you to fire in bursts, dealing heavy damage to enemies. Liquid MRE makes this tactic far more effective.
  • Rocket Launch will reset your second jump if you already used it. This, combined with its considerable recoil can allow you to achieve great vertical movement.
  • Rocket Launch is an extremely versatile ability, allowing you to deal damage from a distance, surprise opponents up close, use the recoil to escape or even to close the gap between enemies and more.
  • Rocket Launch has a slow moving projectile: Aim where enemies will be, not where they are.
  • You can still use the recoil effect on Rocket Launch to escape enemies even if you are snared.
    • Alternatively, aiming at places your enemies currently are may be useful to deny them presence in those areas. For example, firing towards droids fighting each other may make it more difficult for your enemy to get the finishing blow on them, especially if they rely on melee attacks to do so.
  • Laser Trap has a much shorter range than your abilities: use it to discourage enemies from getting too close to you.
  • Laser Trap has a small arming time before deploying, which may allow your enemies some time to move to safety. Consider upgrades such as Borgo Cigar Cutter and Luxor Crystal Ashtray to make it harder to avoid.
  • Consider purchasing Mad Bomb and/or Nuke Bug if you're having trouble escaping your enemies.
  • Crowd control effects can be very dangerous due to Rocket's low health pool. Consider purchasing Baby Kuri Mammoth if you need help countering these effects.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Crowd control effects that immobilize or otherwise hamper enemy movement can greatly aid Rocket in landing his abilities.
  • Consider investing in crowd control effects if they are available to you: Rocket does not have many options himself, so you can complement his playstyle.
  • Due to his small hitbox and mobility, Rocket can get in and out of situations that would have killed less slippery nauts. Be careful of when and where you follow him.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Be careful when approaching Commander Rocket: Not only is his damage output high, but he can also easily move back to safety with his Rocket Launch
  • Due to his small health pool, abilities that deal high damage can be particularly effective in bringing Rocket down, especially ones that are able to outrange him, such as Snipe and Ball Lightning.
  • Use displacement and tether effects to bring Rocket closer to your team and either burst him down or keep him there with additional crowd control.
  • Stealth and silencing abilities/upgrades can aid in approaching and shutting down Rocket, making him easier to kill.
  • Do not underestimate the damage output of Laser Trap! It can kill you very quickly if you stay in the laser beam. Back away or carefully manouver around it instead.
  • Abilities that require no aiming (such as Lightning Rod or Suicide Drones' lasers) can help you to counter Rocket's high mobility.