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UI Skillbutton Gladiator Attack

Conch Dunk [edit]
Hit your enemies for damage.
Damage 95 (149.15)
Attack Speed 138
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade a Electric Stun Baton [edit] Item 5 solar 165

Increases the base damage of conch ball against enemy Awesomenauts.

There is a button on the side. If you press it, the baton shouts "STOP RESISTING!".

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Damage +11% +22%
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade b Scargi MP Seal [edit] Item 5 solar 210

Each conchdunk hit against enemy Awesomenauts reduces the cooldown of shell bombs.

Water and slime resistant royal seal of the Scargi Military Police.

Upgrade Lv1
Cooldown -0.3s
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade c Tear Gas [edit] Item 5 solar 200

Leaves a gas cloud when using Conch Dunk.

This grenade has some heartbreaking stories to tell.

Upgrade Lv1
Damage 83/s (130.31/s)
Duration 3s
Cooldown 5s
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade d Brainslug Helm [edit] Item 5 solar 250

Adds a weakening effect to conch dunk.

This helm is super safe, trust me! Try it for a day, you will be a satisfied customer!

Upgrade Lv1
Damage -15%
Duration 1.5s
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade e Action Gloves [edit] Item 5 solar 190

Increases base damage of the next conch dunk after hitting an enemy with shell bomb.

Look inappropriate at any occasion!

Upgrade Lv1
Damage +50%
Shop icons gladiator skill c upgrade f Walkie Talkie [edit] Item 5 solar 120

Increases conch dunk damage against stunned, slowed, silenced, blinded and/or snared enemies.

This device walks out of a conversation any chance it gets.

Upgrade Lv1
Damage +35%

Description[ | ]

Snork punches enemies in a small arc in front of him at melee range.

In-Game Look[ | ]