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Clunk Alpha

Health: 220
Movement Speed: 3.2
Attack Type: Medium
Role: Tank
Clunk [edit] Unlocked Level: 4
Type of abilities: Lifesteal, Area of effect, Ensnare, Slow, Solarsteal, Launch String Release Date: May 1st, 2012
UI Skillbutton Tank Lifesteal Vacuum Bite [edit]
Damage 30
Cooldown 4.5s
Lifesteal 100%
135 Item 5 solar
UI Skillbutton Tank Attack Missiles [edit]
Damage 14 | 18 | 22 | 26
Attack Speed 60
Range 4.6
Homing 1
Target 1
UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate Explode [edit]
Damage 60
Self Damage 40
Cooldown 12s
135 Item 5 solar Explosive Size 5.2
Charge Time 1.5s
UI Skillbutton Tank Jump Jet Boost [edit]
UI Skillbutton Tank Lifesteal Upgrade Clunk Quick'n cleaner Upgrade Clunk Medical pump Upgrade Clunk Screamer engine Upgrade Clunk Multi hose Upgrade Clunk The suckanator power 9000 cleaner Icon Placeholder
UI Skillbutton Tank Detonate Upgrade Clunk Thermonuclear cleaner Upgrade Clunk Titanium hard hat Upgrade Clunk Grease lightning snail Upgrade Clunk Blueprints container Upgrade Clunk Reactor cooler Upgrade Clunk Universal charger
UI Skillbutton Tank Attack Upgrade Clunk Fragmenting shells Upgrade Clunk Free flight fins Icon Placeholder Upgrade Clunk The juggernaut "Fat Pete" Upgrade Clunk Improve homing sensor Upgrade Clunk Salvo value pack
UI Skillbutton Tank Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Icon Placeholder Upgrade Piggy bank Icon Placeholder

Back Story[ | ]

Clunk is a robot suffering from anger management issues. He's saving up money to pay for therapy but keeps losing it due to damage compensations. Originally created as part of a robot army to combat an immensely powerful super villain terrorizing the outer star systems, Clunk found himself without a job when the villain accidentally died of a nasty bacterial infection before the robot army was completed.

This was actually a blessing in disguise for Clunk, since he was never designed to return in one piece from his mission. He was refitted to do standard house-keeping work, but soon found himself out of work once more as he kept blowing aggression inhibitors and subsequently went into immensely destrucive tantrums.

Eventually, Clunk signed up as a mercenary to do what he is best at: wrecking things. He found that finally giving in to his aggressive nature has given him great inner peace. Nowadays he takes great pleasure in jetting around the battlefield, blowing up in peoples' faces to the sound of heavy metal.

Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

  • "You cant kill the Metal!" - Reference to the Tenacious D. song "The Metal"
  • "The metal will live on!" - see above
  • "Clunk smash!" - Catchphrase of the Marvel Comics character 'The Incredible Hulk'
  • "Target acquired, engaging!"
  • "Bite Clunk's shiny metal! Possible reference to a character from Futurama called 'Bender' who often says "Bite my shiny metal *ss!"
  • "Clunk will assess...No!"

Help[ | ]

  • "Warning, warning!"
  • "Clunk needs help!"
  • "Require assistance!"
  • "Damage exceeding tolerance!"

Purchase[ | ]

  • "New hardware detected!"
  • "Part assimilation complete!"

Teleporting[ | ]

  • "Recall beacon activated!"
  • "Returning to base!"
  • "Activating teleporter!"

Chosen[ | ]

  • "Clunk, all wound up and ready to go!"
  • "Amplifying rage protocols"
  • "Clunk smash!"
  • "Batteries included!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

  • "Strike you down with a vicious blow!"
  • "You have been terminated!" possible reference to the movie Terminator 3 when the T-800 uses his remaining hydrogen cell to kill the T-X and declares "You are terminated"

Killing Spree[ | ]

  • "Clunk squashes his opponents!"

On Death[ | ]

  • "Oh no!"
  • "Malfunction!"
  • "Clunk terminated!"

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]


Skin Information[ | ]

CharacterRender Clunk Skin Commando redBG

A team of unruly mercenaries is given the assignment to take out a corrupt military leader and a rogue operative on a Latin American island. Their leader: Expendable Clunk! Double the action, triple the explosions and a-ten-hut for the Master of Metal! It costs $2.49

Hero Spotlight[ | ]

Awesomenaut Showcase Clunk

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Tapping the jump button instead of holding it down allows Clunk to remain in air longer as well as reach places that would otherwise be too high.
  • When playing as Clunk, you will most likely want boots to improve his slow movement speed.
  • Using Vacuum Bite on a neutral creep will not only give you the normal lifesteal, but the healthpack it drops as well for a more powerful heal.
  • When using Medical Pump, it might be a good idea to play more passively and focus on biting targets until you reach its health cap.
  • When using Multi Hose, try to save Vacuum Bite for two targets as often as possible, as you will get twice as much lifesteal. Just remember it doesn't affect the same target twice.
  • Pairing Multi Hose with Screamer Engine can grant Clunk powerful crowd control during a teamfight.
  • It is possible to kill yourself with Explode! Think twice before activating it.
  • A popular tactic among Clunk players involves charging up Explode and dropping from a high place on top of unsuspecting enemies, giving them less time to escape the blast radius.
  • Both Screamer Engine and Grease Lightning Snail are effective ways of keeping enemies in range of Clunk's Explode.
  • Remember: Thermonuclear Cleaner increases damage dealt to enemies and to yourself! Consider pairing it with Titanium Hard Hat.
  • Explode can be used to save an ally from danger. Simply activate it and block their pursuers' path. Most of them will give up chase or take severe damage, maybe even allowing you to finish them off. It can also be used to discourage enemies that would otherwise attack you if you feel you can't take them down.
  • With Fragmenting Shells, Clunk is able to damage the Solar Drill from above. He is also able to hit the top turrets in [Ribbit IV] from underneath.
  • When using either Missile Barrage, The Juggernaut "Fat Pete" or Salvo Value Pack, it is possible to keep track of your launch string. That way, you can store a more powerful missile just before a teamfight. These upgrades also stack, meaning Clunk can fire two missiles at once.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • The absolutely best moment to attack an enemy Clunk is when both Explode and Vacuum Bite are on cooldown, especially if he misses the bite trying to get extra health.
  • Aside from missles, Clunk's abilities have relatively short range. Try to keep him a safe distance from you.
  • Use the score screen to see if Clunk has dangerous upgrades such as Screamer Engine, Grease Lightning Snail or Thermonuclear Cleaner. This information might help you when approaching him if you have to.
  • Being a very slow and big awesomenaut, Clunk is naturally vulnerable to poking. Try to attack him from a safe distance, specially when he approaches Droids for a healing bite. That way he can end up taking more damage than he can heal and may be forced to retreat.
  • Being a lifesteal, bite does not remove damage over time effects.
  • Jump around Clunk and if he uses his Explode, use any crowd control or escape abilities.
  • If Clunks flies up out of your view, beware! He may be trying to divebomb you!

A Clunk divebombing.