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CocoNebulon Alpha

Health: 125
Movement Speed: 4.2
Attack Type: Melee
Role: Support
Coco Nebulon [edit] Unlocked Level: 10
Type of abilities: Damage Over Time, Long-ranged, Slow Release Date: July 23rd, 2012
Coco Nebulon Skill1 Ball Lightning [edit]
Damage 25
Cooldown 8s
Range 7
135 Item 5 solar Knockback 3
Coco Nebulon Weapon Shock [edit]
Damage 4
Attack Speed 214
Range 3.3
Turret Damage 80%
Coco Nebulon Skill2 Blaze [edit]
Cooldown 7s
Length 8
Time 1.5s
135 Item 5 solar Slow Power 25%
Slow Duration 1s
Coco Nebulon Jump Ollie [edit]
Coco Nebulon Skill1 Coco Nebulon Skill1-1 Coco Nebulon Skill1-2 Coco Nebulon Skill1-4 Coco Nebulon Skill1-3 Coco Nebulon Skill1-5 Coco Nebulon Skill1-6
Coco Nebulon Skill2 Coco Nebulon Skill2-1 Coco Nebulon Skill2-2 Coco Nebulon Skill2-3 Coco Nebulon Skill2-4 Coco Nebulon Skill2-5 Coco Nebulon Skill2-6
Coco Nebulon Weapon Coco Nebulon Weapon-1 Coco Nebulon Weapon-2 Coco Nebulon Weapon-3 Coco Nebulon Weapon-4 Coco Nebulon Weapon-5 Coco Nebulon Weapon-6
Coco Nebulon Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Icon Placeholder Upgrade Piggy bank Icon Placeholder

Back Story[ | ]

Hailing from a psyonic race near the outer brim of the galaxy, comes Coco Nebulon, the cosmic waveblazer. Coco rides her combat waveboard into battle, using her psyonic powers to subdue her adversaries. Why Coco fights in the war is a bit unclear, as no-one can really understand her when she talks.

Excerpt from her spacelog: "It's just like, dude, I was cruisin' the galaxy, you know, in this totally tubular, space-van, searching for the best cosmic waves man. And, you know, like, when I was, like, you know, like acing these waves once, there was like this giant robot corporation that wanted to make like these waves like into a giant galactic like battlefield you know? And I was all like, oh man, that's so un-narly dude. But those robots were all like 10100111001 or whatever. So I was all like, yeah but ok, you know? And then these robots were all like, ohh we have to fight each other. And they were like shooting lasers at eachother man. And I was like, man, I gotta fight, you know, like totally with these robots against the other robots because it's like, you know, whatever."

Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

  • "You guys are totally going down!"
  • "I'm taking all you posers out!"
  • "Get ready for some gnarly moves!"
  • "Shut-up, no way!"
  • 'Yeah right, as if!"
  • "You can't be like serious!"
  • "Whatever!"
  • "Get ready for some bodacious action!"

Help[ | ]

  • "Okay, I like, totally need a hand here!"
  • "Help me out dude!"
  • "Oh my GOD!"
  • "Umm, so help or something!"

Purchase[ | ]

  • "Like, all these really shiny things!"
  • "Shopping spree!"
  • "WOW! So much stuff!"

Teleporting[ | ]

  • "Catch you guys later!"
  • "Gonna be out for a sec!"
  • "Hang tight, be right back!"

Chosen[ | ]

  • "Radical!"
  • "Banzai!"
  • "Get ready for some gnarly moves!"
  • "Get ready for some bodacious action!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

  • "Cowabunga, losers!"
  • "Time for some bodacious action!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

  • "Eat it lame-o!"
  • "Total Wipeout!"
  • "That was AWESOME!"
  • "Sweet!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

  • "Radical!"
  • "Tubular!"
  • "I'm smoking!"

On Death[ | ]

  • "Ahhh! I'm, like, dead, man!"

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]


Skin Information[ | ]

CharacterRender Blazer Skin Hawaii redBG

Aloha! The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. As the sun sets, you look around, you're on an exotic island, wearing a straw skirt and flowers in your hair. This can be your life if you upgrade now to Hawaii Coco! It costs $2.49.

Hero Spotlight[ | ]

Awesomenauts Go Go Robo Power Patch Trailer

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Coco can be played as a harasser, focusing on poking enemies with Ball Lightning while using Blaze to keep enemies at bay, or as a brawler, via powerful autoattack upgrades.
  • When autoattacking Droids and turrets, keep in mind that Coco does not stop immediately after moving. You may end up taking necessary damage if you are not careful.
  • As with every 'naut, boots will increase Coco's jump height slightly, allowing her to have an easier time reaching certain platforms.
  • With Ball Lightning's natural range and ability to pierce through terrain, you may use it to farm neutral creeps without actually going into the jungle areas. This is specially useful on Ribbit IV`.
  • If you manage to launch a Ball Lightning behind your enemy, the explosion will launch him towards you. Use this tactic to throw your enemy at turrets or on your team. Thunder Striker helps with this.
  • Slowing enemies with Blaze makes it easier to land Ball Lightning on them.
  • Disruptor and Syphon Disruptor stack with each other for a very powerful slowing effect.
  • Silver Coating gives Coco very high mobility, allowing her to escape or chase targets much more effectively.
  • Upon activating Blaze, going through a high-traffic jumppad may cause enemies who are using it to be effected by the blaze, causing them to be hit by it. It can also work as short-term area denial.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Ball Lightning can pierce through terrain and deal high damage, but it moves slowly. Timing your jumps can help you avoid it.
  • Dying is always worse than retreating. Keep an eye on your health bar and see if you can survive another Ball Lightning. If the answer is no, it is better to retreat and heal.
  • If Coco uses her Silver Coating to quickly join a fight, she just lost a powerful escape tool. Punish her for it.
  • Coco cannot detonate Ball Lightning while stunned or silenced.