Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Tapping the jump button slowly instead of holding it down allows Derpl to remain airborne for a longer period of time.
  • It is possible for you to go below glass platforms, even when you are in Siege Mode.
  • The Longcat upgrade for Derpl's cats allows Derpl to outrange Turrets with ease.
  • Try to use your Grid Traps to block your enemies' paths or place them in areas they may go through, such as jump pad paths and hide areas.
    • Placing your Grid Traps high up is also helpful, as enemy 'Nauts can accidentally jump into them, due to their simple jump.
  • Staying near your Grid Traps is usually a good idea: if an enemy is caught on one of them, Siege up and fire a nuke at them while firing your bullets for massive amounts of damage.
    • Getting the Empowered Grid upgrade makes this tactic even more effective, allowing you to deal more damage, enough to kill most 'Nauts.
  • Derpl can't be pushed while in Siege Mode.
  • It is possible to Siege up and charge your Nuke mid-air. This can give your enemies less time to escape the explosion.
  • Combining multiple defensive upgrades such as the Shields from Siege Mode or Med-i'-can and Power Pills Turbo can make Derpl extremely hard to kill.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Derpl can be very difficult to approach while in siege mode. Consider waiting until he fires his Nuke before doing so.
  • If you must approach Derpl while he's sieged, try to get your team to help and approach him from different sides, so that his nuke hits less people.
  • With the exception of Nuke's manual detonation, Derpl has no way of dealing damage to enemies that are using Reflection or Deflection effects.
  • Nuke has a very clear charge-up animation before launch. Run away from Derpl if you see it!
  • Grid Traps make a beeping sound while active. Use that sound to know if a trap is hidden inside a hide area before entering it.
  • Poke Derpl while he's sieged and save your crowd control effects when he unsieges and tries to flee.
  • Think twice before chasing a Derpl, specially into a hide area or with a jump pad. You might be walking into a literal trap, followed by a nuke.