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Leon Alpha

Health: 115
Movement Speed: 3.4
Attack Type: Melee
Role: Assassin
Leon Chameleon [edit] Unlocked Level: 1
Type of abilities: Stealth, Slow, Critical Hit, Back Stab, Pull, Lifesteal Release Date: May 1st, 2012
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Tongue Tongue Snatch [edit]
Damage 12
Cooldown 5s
Range 3
135 Item 5 solar
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Attack Slash [edit]
Damage 8
Attack Speed 150
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Stealth Cloaking Skin [edit]
Cooldown 8s
Dummy Health 40
135 Item 5 solar
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Jump Reptile Jump [edit]
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Tongue Upgrade Leon Spiked tongue piercing Upgrade Leon Tongue stretcher Upgrade Leon Cheese & garlic mints Upgrade Leon Steel false teeth Upgrade Leon Morning star piercing Icon Placeholder
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Stealth Upgrade Leon Surprise party mask Upgrade Leon Pinot Noir Icon Placeholder Upgrade Leon Basic AI chip Upgrade Leon Extra battery pack Upgrade Leon Blow up doll
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Attack Upgrade Leon Chainsaw addon Icon Placeholder Upgrade Leon Backstab blade Upgrade Leon Clover of honour Upgrade Leon Hungry sword Upgrade Leon Electrifier
UI Skillbutton Chameleon Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Icon Placeholder Upgrade Piggy bank Icon Placeholder

Back Story[ | ]

Leon's life is a life of crime, women, and borrowing without returning. He lost his arm in a unfortunate jeu de boules incident and spends most of his time smoothly escaping debt collectors. He found himself breaking into the bedroom of the prime minister's wife, while looking for the wine cellar.

He knew no amount of charm could save him this time and planned his escape, which was eventually delayed because he refused to escape in anything but a space yacht.

Leon joined the Awesomenauts for some quick cash, spending it on beautiful women and exquisite meals. In combat, he puts his natural reptile abilities to some good use and slices up his enemies with great precision. Combat is a form of art for this green gentleman.

Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

Help[ | ]

  • "Sacrebleu, some help!"
  • "Zut! I need help!"
  • "Aidez-moi!"

Purchase[ | ]

  • "Garçon!"
  • "Ohoho! Magnifique!"

Teleporting[ | ]

  • "I shall return, mon ami."
  • "Au-revoir!"
  • "The teleporter, she beckons!"

Chosen[ | ]

  • "HAHA, it's moi, Leon Chameleon!"
  • "En garde!"
  • "Feel the sharpness of this blade!"
  • "Viva, la Chameleon!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

  • "Voila, c'est ça!."
  • "Ohn ohn!"
  • "HAHA, I never miss!"
  • "All is fair in love and war!"
  • "HAHA!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

  • "All for one, more for me!"
  • "I'm on a roll now!"
  • "Baloney!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

  • "I am not only a lover, but also a fighter."
  • "Accent? What do you mean, accent?"
  • "HAHA! It's moi, Leon Chameleon!"

On Death[ | ]

  • "Oh là là!"
  • "Sacrebleu!"
  • "Oh no!"

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]


Skin Information[ | ]

CharacterRender Chameleon Skin Musketeer redBG

Hanhaaan! Have at you, imbecile! It's moi, Leon, le mousquetaire extraordinaire! Now with an extra sharp rapier, more vin, more fromage and more amour, Mousquetaire Leon! It costs $2.49.

Hero Spotlight[ | ]

Awesomenaut Showcase Leon Chameleon

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Using Cheese & Garlic Mints can give Leon a very powerful initiation tool: not only will your enemies be pulled towards your team, but they will also be unable to use any escaping/defensive abilities they might have.
  • If you don't have Basic AI Chip, leaving a clone inside a hide area will grant vision to you and your teamates.
  • Backstab Blade cannot affect turrets of the Solar drill, but the animation for a successful strike will still play. Don't be fooled by this.
  • One of the first abilities you will want to upgrade if you want to maximize your DPS against droids and 'nauts is your Backstab Blade. It will help you tremendously, since you will almost always get a backstab or two on your first strike, and you will get a lot more if they start to run away. However, if your goal is to have high overall damage and be effective against turrets, Chainsaw Addon is a better option.
  • If you're actively in an engagement and have Surprise Party Mask upgraded, quickly cloak and uncloak for a higher damage slash.
  • Surprise Party Mask will increase the damage of the next Slash. It does not affect Tongue Snatch in any way.
  • Always make sure to go around crossfire while cloaked, you might be invisible but enemy projectiles and area of effect damage are still issues. It is very easy to be nailed by a lone dynamite and immediately killed.
  • When you're stalking an enemy, if you see him start to attack a turret, sneak up from behind him, stand still, and wail on him. This will keep him trapped between you and the turret for a short period of time, maybe until he dies, if he doesn't realize that you are standing in the way quickly enough.
  • Jumping around an enemy will let you avoid a lot of unneeded damage. If you have the Backstab Blade equipped, jump behind them repeatedly to boost your damage output tremendously.
  • Combining a fully upgraded Surprise Party Mask, Backstab Blade, and Chainsaw Addon will result in an uncloaking backstab that does high damage. If they're hurt, this can easily take them out.
  • Pull enemies into dangerous situations with your Tongue. Good places are into your teammates, Yuri's mines, or your turrets.
  • If you are trying to destroy a turret with no support from allied 'nauts/creeps, cloak directly in front of the turret to use it as a temporary shield.
  • With either Aggressive AI Chip or Blow Up Doll, Leon is able to push two lanes at once. Simply leave a clone in one lane close to enemy droids and push the other lane yourself. Using Basic AI Chip makes this tactic more efficient.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Even when Leon's invisible it's still possible to hear his footsteps. Some players turn off the game music and increase sound effects volume for this sole purpose.
  • Jumping erratically around Leon may be useful when trying to evade Tongue Snatch.
  • Any visual indicators coming from Leon's enemies (damage numbers, crowd control effects) will show up on Leon even if he's invisible. Use that to find him.
  • The cooldown on Leon's Cloaking Skin doesn't start until invisibility is broken. If you see him uncloaking, keep in mind that you have a few seconds to attack or even kill him before he can cloak again.
  • Don't let the minimap fool you! Leon's clones appear as a 'naut there.
  • If Leon is using a clonespam loadout (which involves sending clones to attack your turrets over and over), keep in mind that his cloak will most likely be unavaliable when you find him. It could be a good idea to either kill him or force him away.
  • Clones with Basic AI Chip and Aggressive AI Chip will chase the nearest target. Use this to lure them away from your turret.