Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Use the additional jump provided by Rocket Boots to confuse enemies and evade their attacks.
  • The Rubber Sleeve upgrade allows Lonestar to attack turrets and enemies from a much safer distance.
  • You can trap enemies between your bull and terrain or one of your turrets for massive damage.
  • Bull is very useful for clearing lanes of enemy traps such as Yuri's Mines or Derpl's Grid Traps.
  • Bull can be used as a scouting tool. If you suspect a hide area has an enemy or trap awaiting, send the bull in first so it grants vision to you and your team.
  • Purchasing even base bull early on is an effective way of keeping enemies at bay or trapping them against a turret.
  • Avoid using bull to push enemy droids away from your turret. You may prevent some damage right away, but doing so will also push them out of turret range. When they return, they'll generate a new shield, recovering even more health. It's best to use your blaster or dynamites to destroy them instead.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Lonestar can jump again mid-air (twice with his boots). Try to keep track of his jumps to attack him when he comes down.
  • Rubber Sleeve will make dynamites bounce as high as Lonestar's position the moment he throws them. Use this to predict its pattern an avoid them more easily.
  • Lonestar's Dynamite explode on contact. Be careful when approaching him in melee range, as you may suddenly take more damage than you'd expect.
  • Lonestar's only means of pushing his enemies away is his bull. It's easier to attack him when it is on cooldown.
  • Always keep an eye on the minimap, as Lonestar excels at pushing. If he goes to another lane to kill droids, you might want to follow him to repel the push or chase him off.