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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Voltar has a weak early game and a very powerful late game. Play defensively and focus on farming Solar with your Healing Wave at the start.
  • Voltar needs to have companions to be effective. He needs something that can attack because he can't attack without his Drones. The best way to use Voltar is to follow a group of droids, or follow other Awesomenauts and support them.
  • Voltar gains Solar from healing anything with Healing Wave, whether it's droids, a fellow Awesomenaut, or even Leon's dummy.
  • Voltar may be able to take down a turret if left alone with just droids and drones while the rest of his team is distracting the enemy. Dark Matter Shots makes this tactic even more effective as the enemy droids are incapacitated by blind.
  • You might want to avoid pairing Turret Add-on with Cortex Tank, as the knockback will keep your enemies out of the healbot's damaging zone.
  • You may activate Voltar's Hover as many times as you'd like as long as you are still up in the air. Alternate between hovering and falling to confuse enemies trying to hit you.
  • Remember that the Drones' explosion is a large part of Voltar's damage output and that they take some time before fully respawning. Consider this before detonating them.
  • Be careful with Psychokinetic Repulsion and Cortex Tank, as they may push your enemies out of harm's way, denying your team a kill.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Without the Turret Add-on upgrade for Healbot, Twisted Nightmares or his Drones, Voltar has no means of damaging his enemies. Attack him freely if such is the case.
  • Voltar's the tallest Awesomenaut of the cast, making bodyblocking him to limit his movements an easier task.
  • Most of Voltar's upgrades are very expensive. Putting pressure on him early on to kill him or force a retreat may delay his powerful late game.
  • You might want to save a more powerful ability to destroy Voltar's healbot as soon as it's deployed, denying the heal to the enemy team.
  • Don't bother trying to steal the healthpack from Health Pack Surprise. Only Voltar and his team can take it.