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Shop Icons Spy skill c upgrade 6 Counter Intelligence Cross [edit] Item 5 solar 200

Photon mines will start to home on enemies over a short distance after time out.

"Awarded to the most non-intelligent bots in the field."

Upgrade Lv1
Time 2s
Range 6.4
Homing mine damage -50%
Homing 5000

Counter Intelligence Cross is an upgrade for Icon Robot Sentry X-58'UI Skillbutton Spy Attack Photon Mine Launcher.

Description[ | ]

Sentry's Photon Mines fly towards nearby enemies when they expire with a range of 6.4, but their damage is reduced by 50% (only while homing). This upgrade deals half damage to turrets. If there were no nearby enemies, they will fly in the direction they were fired from.

In-game Look[ | ]