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The creepSpawnerRepeater allows you to spawn bots, creeps, etc.

Field Description Possible values Type
buttonID Name of the button you want to connect to the CreepSpawner Text
animationName Select the animation you want to be displayed on the creep spawner (Color will be determined by the type of team the creep spawner is connected to) Text
team The team of the bot. Note that Awesomenauts doesn't have a skin for TEAM_NONE and will be invisible. TEAM_ZERO, TEAM_ONE, TEAM_NONE Text
creepName The localisation name of the creep. See localisations list for a list of useful localisations. Text
creepTypeToSpawn Class name of the creep you want to spawn Text
aiFileName The AI the spawned creep will use Text
minCreepsToSpawnAtOnce Minimal amount of creeps that will spawn at once Number
maxCreepsToSpawnAtOnce Maximum amount of creeps that will spawn at once Number
maxCreepsAlive Maximum amout of creeps spawned by the creep spawner that can be alive at once Number
timeStart Required amount of time passed before the creep spawner will be able to spawn creeps Number
timeBetweenSpawns Time between creep spawns Number
spawnOnce Will make the repeater only activate once Yes / No
spawnBosses Left over option, don´t use Yes / No
creepRespawnable Give the ability to the creep to respawn. You shouldn't tick this case. Yes / No

Additional notes[ | ]

  • Froggy G is the default creep and may spawn if you forget to set creepTypeToSpawn
  • The creepSpawnerRepeater will not spawn anything that isn't in TEAM_NONE if the game mode is set to deathmatch
  • Changing "Critter respawn rate" or "Critter respawn multiplier" in custom game settings will affect the spawner.