Awesomenauts Wiki

Creeps are neutral units featured on every map. They wander a preset path back and forth.

Awesomenauts or their minions (such as summoned Droids and Weedlings) can kill these creatures for 5 xp, 3 Solar and small Healthpacks that give 200 Health. Slain creeps respawn after 20 seconds have passed. Certain upgrades such as the Wraith Stone, allow Awesomenauts to gain more health from creeps.

Neutral Creeps[ | ]

Small Beast Creep Small Beasts

These beasts roam the lush jungle of Ribbit IV between the lanes.

Worm Creep Small Worms

These babies of giant worms are located at the top of Sorona. Easy to access via Boosters.

Droid Creep Service-bots

These small bots patrol the top of AI Station 404 and AI Station 205 above the Anti-Gravity Field and the Inferno Device respectively.

Solar Crab Creep Solar Krabs

These creatures can be found in multiple areas of Aiguillon.

Sscreep Starstorm Robot

These robots patrol multiple areas of the Starstorm Station.

Neutral Creeps Stats
Health: 120
Health Pack Drop: Yes
Speed: 2.2
Solar Bounty: 3
Xp bounty: 5
First spawn (match time): 0:20, 0:30 on AI Station 404.
Respawn Time: 20 seconds

Solar Boss (Ribbit IV)[ | ]

Solar Boss Render

The Solar Boss is a special creep that first spawns 2 minutes after the start of the match on both sides of Ribbit IV. They have a large amount of health, and can spit out multiple green projectiles at once that do a large amount of damage. Upon death, they will grant 50 xp and 20 Solar to all members of the team who killed it and restore 5000 health to the specific 'Naut that dealt the killing blow.

It is recommended that you fight them after you have enough upgrades. Dealing with them can be risky otherwise, but rewarding. A simple strategy is to jump over to their left or right while attacking, until their health bar is depleted.

If there are no Nauts nearby, Solar Bosses will regenerate all of their health very quickly.

Solar Boss Stats
Health: 2500
Health Regeneration: 1200 HP/Minute
Attack Cooldown: 1.2 Seconds
Damage per Bullet: 100
Amount of Bullets: 5
Speed: 0.8
Solar Bounty: 60 (20 to each member of a team)
Xp bounty: 50xp
First Spawn (match time): 2:00
Respawn Time: 120 Seconds

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Solar Boss is named "Roshan" in the game files. This is a reference to the DotA 2's neutral creep of the same name.
  • Creeps were replaced by sheep on all maps in Patch 2.9.3 to promote Ronimo Games' incoming new game, Swords and Soldiers II.