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Stun, an example of crowd control.

Crowd control are effects present in certain abilities and upgrades that hamper the target's ability to control the character in some way. There are multiple kinds of crowd control effects in the game.

Some abilities and upgrades are also able to reduce or deny the effects of crowd control, reducing their duration or preventing them altogether.

Crowd control effects[]


UI Skillbutton Bird Smoke.png

Distorts the screen, covering the majority of it in black smoke. Causes Droids and weedlings to become immobile/unable to attack. Targets under this effect will have an eye and the word "Blinded" above their heads.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterCaptain.pngIcon Coco.pngIcon Leon.pngIconCharacterRaelynnresized.pngMenu IconCharacterBird.png


UI Skillbutton Chameleon Tongue.png

Moves target a set distance away from its current position. Unaffected by crowd control reduction.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterCaptain.pngIconCharacterShifter.pngIcon Leon.png


Derpl Zork Skill1.png

Prevents target movement for the duration. Targets under this effect will have a pair of blue energy rings around them and a blue lock above their head.

Available to:[]

Icon Clunk.pngIcon Derpl.pngIconCharacterPaladin.pngMenu IconCharacterBrute.PNG


UI Skillbutton Spy Blackhole.png

Pulls targets towards the center of the AoE.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterVampire.pngIconCharacterBlinker.pngIcon Robot.png


UI Skillbutton Cowboy Bull.png

Displaces targets, knocking them away from the area of impact.

Available to:[]

UI Unlock CharHyper.pngIcon Coco.pngIconCharacterWakuWaku.pngIconcharactercrumple.pngIcon Derpl.pngIconCharacterShifter.pngUi unlock CharWarrior.pngUI Unlock CharCrawler.pngIcon Lonestar.pngMenu IconCharacterAssassin.pngIconCharacterRaelynnresized.pngMenu IconCharacterBrute.PNGIcon Skree.pngIconCharacterSmiles.pngIconCharacterGladiator.pngMenu IconCharacterCommando.pngIcon Voltar.png


UI Skillbutton Wozzle FrostMode.png

Reduces target movement speed and jump height for the duration. Targets under this effect will have a purple snail above their head and will be surrounded in a purple aura.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterCaptain.pngMenu IconCharacterVampire.pngUI Unlock CharHyper.pngIcon Clunk.pngIcon Coco.pngIconCharacterWakuWaku.pngIconcharactercrumple.pngIcon Derpl.pngIconCharacterDizzy.pngIcon Froggy.pngMenu IconCharacterButterfly.pngIcon Gnaw.pngIconCharacterShifter.pngUI Unlock CharCrawler.pngIcon Leon.pngIcon Lonestar.pngIconCharacterBlinker.pngIconCharacterWozzle001.pngIconCharacterPaladin.pngMenu IconCharacterBrute.PNGIcon Skree.pngIconCharacterSmiles.pngIconCharacterGladiator.pngIcon Yuri.png


UI Skillbutton Jetter Timebubble.png

Alters the flow of time within the targeted area, slowing everything inside. Unaffected by crowd control immunity.

Available to:[]

IconCharactermaxFocus copy.pngIconCharacterRaelynnresized.pngIcon Yuri.png


UI Skillbutton Crawler Stealth.png

Prevents the use of abilities by target for the duration. Autoattacks are unaffected. Targets under this effect will have the word "Silenced" and a "..." speech bubble above their heads and will be surrounded by an orange glow.

Available to:[]

Icon Derpl.pngUI Unlock CharCrawler.pngIcon Leon.pngMenu IconCharacterAssassin.pngIcon Robot.pngMenu IconCharacterBird.png


Ui skillbutton butterfly cocoon.png

Traps the target in stasis, making it impossible for it to move or attack. Targets under the effect of Stasis are immune to all forms of external damage until released. Unaffected by crowd control immunity.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterButterfly.pngIconCharacterShifter.png


UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash.png

Prevents target movement, use of abilities and autoattacks. Targets under this effect will have stars and the word "Stunned" above their head.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterCaptain.pngIcon Coco.pngIconcharactercrumple.pngIcon Derpl.pngIcon Froggy.pngIconCharacterShifter.pngIcon Leon.pngMenu IconCharacterAssassin.pngIconCharacterWozzle001.pngMenu IconCharacterBrute.PNGIconCharacterSmiles.pngIconCharacterGladiator.pngMenu IconCharacterCommando.pngIcon Voltar.pngIconCharacterYoolip.png


UI Skillbutton Captain AnchorDrop.png

Restricts target movement to an area around the point of impact. Unaffected by crowd control reduction.

Available to:[]

Menu IconCharacterCaptain.pngIconCharacterSmiles.png

Crowd control reduction and immunities[]






Ix the Interloper[]


Vinnie & Spike[]



In Patch 3.1.5, most crowd control effects gained new smaller icons to make them less obstructive and easier to read in-game.