Awesomenauts Wiki

Custom Match is a match type which allows the host to alter a great number of game settings before the start of a match. These settings can also be saved and loaded to be played again at any time. It also features several pre-built gamemodes: Traditional Awesomenauts, Team Deathmatch, Randomnauts, Random TDM, and Instagib.

Some examples of the current customization options[ | ]

  • Maximum Amount of Bots per Team
  • Enable Frag Limit
  • Droid Respawn Rate
  • Droid Group Size Multiplier
  • Critter Respawn Rate
  • Critter Group Size Multiplier
  • Random Naut
  • Random Naut on Death
  • Allow Same Naut on a Team
  • Disable/Enable Turrets
  • Disable Droppods
  • Random Respawn Locations
  • Extra Solar Pickups
  • Extra Health Pickups
  • Starting Solar
  • Disable Solar Loss on Death
  • Custom Respawn Timers
  • Automatically Buy Upgrades
  • Max Upgrades Per Row (allowing you to have more than 3 upgrades each row, or set the cap lower)
  • Max Upgrades Total (allowing you to have more than 12 upgrades, or set the cap lower)
  • Override Upgrades Solar Cost
  • Spawn Solar Boss on Awesomenaut Death
  • Spawn Solar Boss on Droid Death
  • Explode on Awesomenaut Death
  • Disable Walk to Base
  • Replace Saw Droids with Super Droids
  • Stealth While Out of Combat
  • Damage Causes Knockback

More customization options will be added in the future.