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Damage Over Time, commonly abbreviated as DoT, is damage that slowly damages the target over time. Damage Over Time is indicated by a purple coloured mark on the health bar, representing the amount of health that the effect will remove when it runs its full duration. Damage over time is not to be confused with periodic damage (such as the one from Magnetic Anchor or Tornado) which can be prevented by removing the damage source (i.e., breaking the tether or moving away from Froggy G in these cases).

The damage dealt by these abilities also prevent teleporting.

Depending on the source, DoT can be represented on a character in a variety of ways. It can appear as red fire on the character's center (burning effects like Earthquake), purple bubbles and glow around the character (poison effects like Acid Spit), static electricity around the character (electric effects like Blaze), or a purple fire on the character's center (Omicronian effects like Red Sneakers). In all cases, the amount of damage that the character will take is represented by a recoloured portion of their healthbar.

The shop, cleanse effects, and healthpacks remove damage over time immediately, while lifestealing and healing effects do not.

Damage over time abilities and upgrades[ | ]

Ayla[ | ]

Chucho[ | ]

Coco[ | ]

Gnaw[ | ]

Genji[ | ]

Ix the Interloper[ | ]

Jimmy And The Lux5000[ | ]

Lonestar[ | ]

Nibbs[ | ]

Qi'Tara[ | ]

Sentry[ | ]

Skølldir[ | ]

Skree[ | ]

Smiles[ | ]

Ted McPain[ | ]

Yoolip[ | ]