Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Crumple Leap

Power Lunge [edit]
In true Bovinian fashion, lunge into enemies and cause an explosive burst that deals damage.
Damage 300 (471)
Cooldown 7s

UI Skillbutton Crumple Attack

Iron Slam [edit]
Swing Deadlift's muscular arms to slam your enemies and deal damage. Even a cowboy cannot wrangle these babies.
Normal arm damage 100 (157)
Uppercut damage 120 (188.4)
Attack speed 102

UI Skillbutton Crumple Shield

Protective Pose [edit]
Strike a pose to summon holo-tech's newest protective shield and soak up damage for you and your allies. Starts decaying over time. Use again to cancel.
Health 600 (942)
Health decay 100/s (157/s)
Decay start 2s
Cooldown 13s

UI Skillbutton Crumple Jump

Bovinian Lift Off [edit]
Deadlift uses his powerful legs, trained extensively on the legpress, to launch himself in the air.
Jumps 1