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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Iron Slam alternates between a medium damage non-piercing swing and a high damage piercing swing. You can "throw away" the weaker swing by intentionally wasting it.
  • Power Lunge is Deadlift's main source of damage, but it's also his only means of escape. Consider which is going to be more important before engaging.
  • Power Lunge's unique curved aiming can allow for some creative dodging and movement. Try dipping below a platform before suddenly leaping atop it, performing short upward lunges, or other unpredictable moves to throw enemies off.
    • Pay close attention, though. The aiming line isn't perfect and Deadlift will still fall a short ways before lunging. Planning a complex line can be useful, but short, simple dashes are just as important, especially in a pinch.
  • Protective Pose is extremely powerful, but it won't last long in a large teamfight. Choosing the right time to activate it is important.
  • You don't need to keep your allies within Protective Pose for the full duration (in fact, that would be very difficult in combat), but make sure you can always position yourself to catch powerful attacks from your enemies.
  • Protective Pose can be canceled with a second press. Doing this can save some cooldown time when the shield isn't needed.
  • Deadlift can't teleport during Protective Pose, but he won't stop your allies from doing it. You can keep a low health ally safe while they teleport out.
  • Consider purchasing Sweat-Wow-Band or Poefluma Fly Swatter first. As a support/tank/fighter hybrid, Deadlift benefits greatly from the ability to heal himself early on.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Deadlift is more independent than other supports, so you don't need to protect him as closely as other 'Nauts.
  • Dive-heavy characters should stay near Deadlift when engaging. His Protective Pose can make any attack far safer.
  • Deadlift's Power Lunge can easily put him in a dangerous position should it miss. Be ready to help him if he gets stuck in the middle of the enemy team without his only means of escape.
  • Protective Pose can only shield you if you stay within its borders. Be aware of this when Deadlift activates it.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Deadlift doesn't have much health for a character of his speed and size once his Protective Pose is on cooldown. Bait it out, and attack him once he's open.
  • When Deadlift activates his Protective Pose, whittle it down with DPS abilities and auto-attacks, and save your heavy burst for when it's destroyed.
    • However, be aware that Deadlift's upgrade Bovinion and Chicken Comic will slow you if you're within his shield. Make sure you know what upgrades he has before engaging him with his shield up.
  • Deadlift's shield protects him and his team from damage, but not Crowd Control. Use snares, slows, and stuns to lock his team down until the shield expires.
    • Alternatively, use those things on exposed enemies, to prevent them from reaching Deadlift.
  • Power Lunge moves in a predictable path. Dodge it, and Deadlift will not only have wasted his best damage and escape ability, but he will also likely be out of position.
    • Be careful however, when engaging him at melee range, as he can still use Power Lunge for a sudden burst of damage you may not have anticipated.