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Grid Trap / Nuke [edit]
Deploy traps that will ensnare enemies, locking them in place. When in Siege Mode, this ability will fire a homing Nuke which can obliterate pretty much anything. Also good for toasting marshmallows.
Trap Cooldown 6s
Time 9s
Snare Duration 1.2s
Slow 30%
Slow Duration 2.4s
Nuke Damage 500 (785)
Nuke Cooldown 14s
Explosion Size 8
Nuke Range 17.4
Nuke Speed 6

Derpl Zork Weapon

Cat Shot \ Gatling [edit]
Mew enemies into oblivion by shooting explosive holocats. Derpl’s love of felines should be shared with everyone. When in Siege Mode, the cats take a break and the machine gun takes over.
Damage 90 (141.3)
Attack Speed 100
Range 9.8

Derpl Zork Skill2

Siege Mode [edit]
When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher! Transform the combat walker into a stationary siege turret of doom, brandishing a free rotating machine gun in the process. Siege mode also provides debuff immunity.
Cooldown 1/4.5s
Turret Damage 45 (70.65)
Turret Attack Speed 480
Turret Range 10.53
Debuff Immunity Yes

Derpl Zork Jump

Booster Rocket [edit]
Derpl's walking desk has a temporary jet boost, lifting him up high to soar with the pink elephants of joy!
Jump Height 8
Jump Duration 0.8s
Jumps 1